Independent Sales Organizations

A Win for All.

We work with hundreds of ISOs across the nation to help clients handle payment processing in ways that truly benefit them. As our ISO partner, you’ll enjoy competitive solutions, processing options, freedom of choice, comprehensive support and vertically focused programs.

Competitive Solutions

Exclusive Bill&Pay electronic invoicing pricing for i3 Verticals partners only. Plus our robust, cost effective Transafe gateway with seamless integration ensures you are on the cutting edge of payment processing.

Processing Options

Multiple platforms and sponsor banks including First Data Omaha, North, BuyPass and Nashville, as well as TSYS Sierra, Summit and TransIT.

Freedom of Choice

Multiple pricing options including compliant cash discount, surcharging and flat rate. Options to borrow, rent, lease or purchase equipment to find the best fit for your merchants.

Comprehensive Support

Complimentary statement analysis, automated notifications on your accounts, e-signature applications, real-time reporting and same day approvals – all of which allow you to focus on selling.

Vertical-Focused Programs

Specific programs for utilities, education, property management, nonprofit and event planning.

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