Healthcare Administration Is Complex. Our Software Makes It Manageable.

Technology has advanced healthcare capabilities and outcomes astoundingly in recent decades. At the same time, care delivery, compliance, billing, and payments in the United States have become increasingly complex. If you’re a provider, payer, or healthcare organization, our software tools make everything so much easier.

Our Solutions Toolkit


Full-featured Electronic Health Records (EHR) system to streamline clinical operations

Suite of tools to better engage patients in their healthcare journey including appointment scheduling/reminders, online registration and forms (with signature capture), patient portal and secure messaging and online bill payment.

Practice Management & Billing

Full-featured medical software to help you run your practice.

Medical software to speed up the billing process and improve accuracy at every step.

Specialized laboratory software to improve workflows and claims processing.


Healthcare and related administrative consulting to optimize processes and reimbursement. 

Expert provider credentialing services to ensure compliance and reimbursement. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Comprehensive revenue cycle management services for practices with 1-50 providers.

Comprehensive revenue cycle management services for academic institutions and practices with 50+ providers.

Health Information

Software that optimizes clinical workflows, improves communications, and meets compliance objectives. 

Secure Direct Messaging for structured patient data exchange from provider to provider.

  • Appeals & Grievances
  • Provider Network Management
  • Payer & Provider Information Exchange
  • Member Communication Management
  • Medical Records Capture
  • Claim Validation
  • Cognizant Integration

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  • Accounting & Finance
  • Contract Management
  • Human Resources

Powered by Kiriworks - An i3 Verticals Company

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