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Motor Carrier Software Solutions

Software to Aid in the Management of Oversize, Overweight, and Fleet Vehicles

i3 Public Sector works closely with fleet companies and fleet management departments across the U.S. We provide a suite of Motor Carrier software designed to make proper management and maintenance easier than ever, regardless of the size of your fleet.

Motor Carrier Solutions for National and International Travel

Managing fleet and international travel vehicles involves adhering to safety regulations and laws. States and government entities are responsible for tracking fleet activity and registration, and trucking companies must get all the correct approvals prior to embarking on a trip. i3 Public Sector is dedicated to making all processes involved with motor carriers simple, user-friendly, and effective. We offer a range of solutions focused on management, maintenance, and tracking of all fleets to keep states and hauling companies traveling down the road to success. 

The Motor Carrier Suite

Our IRP™ solution accommodates all the functionality required for IRP registration processing, including new account creation, supplements and renewals. Weight group, fleet, vehicle, and distance management capabilities are built-in and easy to modify. In conjunction with our integrated inventory management module, our fully-compliant system streamlines carrier credentialing and increases operational efficiencies through automated issuance. 

  • Handle IRP registration, credentialing, and apportionment of fees from a single platform to reduce the time spent getting everything in order
  • Get access to support for new account creation, account supplements, and renewals 
  • Receive a monthly auto-generated IRP Clearinghouse file to monitor progress
  • Set fees based on your jurisdiction’s requirements and use those calculations to automatically generate invoices
  • Automatically audit all interactions for more accurate history logs
  • Manage by weight group, fleet, vehicle, and/or distance  

Our complete International Fuel Tax Agreement solution gathers carrier and fuel-specific information including miles traveled, gallons used, and taxes paid over time. Users can navigate to a web-based application to enter their renewals, decal requests, and quarterly tax returns, or file paper reports for data entry into the system. Current tax rates are applied each quarter to verify returns are correct, and funds are netted among jurisdictions through the IFTA Clearinghouse.  

  • Make accurate payments with automatic tax rate updates and calculations
  • Compare up to 12 quarters at a time for on-demand, comprehensive audits
  • Help users succeed with an on-screen navigation guide
  • Collect information for miles traveled, gallons used, and taxes paid on a single platform
  • Generate and manage quarterly tax returns and paper reports 

PARS™ is a comprehensive solution for government agencies to streamline their oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicle permitting process, intelligently generate safe travel routes, and provide powerful Restriction Management capabilities. Our browser-based system enables motor carriers to apply for a permit, intelligently generate a travel route based on current restrictions information, make a payment, and quickly receive their permit anytime, anywhere.  

  • Sign off on and distribute permits in a fraction of the time as legacy systems
  • Provide information on demand with a mobile app
  • Find the safest route for drivers with intelligent safe routing based on data from many industry-leading systems
  • Access real-time updates of changing conditions with Restriction Management 

As carrier and vehicle registrations are applied for or changed, the IRP system will check CVIEW to verify the carrier and vehicles are safe and have current credentials in good standing based on data from other motor carrier systems. CVIEW interfaces with SAFER on a nightly basis to update the federal database with daily activity from IRP and IFTA, and to update CVIEW with daily activity from other jurisdictions. This information provides IRP and IFTA offices with critical information for registering, renewing and issuing credentials to carriers and vehicles. It also allows roadside law enforcement to quickly ascertain if a carrier or vehicle is in compliance with safety and credentialing rules helping to keep unsafe vehicles off the road and save lives. 

  • Implement CVIEW as a standalone product, or fully integrated with IRP and IFTA
  • Provide user-friendly navigation to promote widespread solution adoption
  • Automatically check credentials to ensure all drivers/companies adhere to safety regulations
  • Provide automatic nightly updates to the federal database with daily IRP and IFTA activity
  • Verify carrier and vehicle safety to promote a safer motor carrier industry

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