Court Solutions For the Modern World

JusticeTech® is a complete solution that offers both cloud-based and on-premise court management solutions. JusticeTech includes Case Management (CMS), E-Filing, E-Bench, Document Management (DMS), Public Portal, Financials, Collections, Payment Processing, and Reporting all in a highly configurable solution that can be deployed to a single court, or to each court across a state.

Custom Court Solutions

We offer a variety of Justice System solutions to fit your every need. If you have any questions about our JusticeTech solutions, please reach out to the team. You may also schedule a demo if you would like to see the product in action.



Our Products

Case Management (CMS)

Simplify the case management and information maintenance process for your court


Electronically file case documents for any case type


View and manage documents in real-time from the bench

Document Management System

Upload, store, manage, share, and review case-related documents

JusticeTech portaL

Empower the public to perform routine tasks without traveling to court


Manage HR activities for justice system entities

Revenue Cycle Management System

Increase revenue and aid in navigating a defendant to case resolution

Payment Processing

Pay bills online via credit card, eChecks, or through the IVR


Monitor court operations and deliver information electronically

6 Guiding Principles


In a rapidly changing environment like the justice system, it’s important to have a reliable, secure, and accessible solution for storing and managing data. Cloud environments free up valuable on-prem space, provide better protection, and allow the agency’s technical team to focus on application rather than infrastructure.
There are countless benefits associated with transitioning to a cloud environment for digital court solutions:
  • Advanced security measures to protect sensitive and confidential data
  • Integration options with new and existing business applications
  • Highly scalable to fit any organization’s needs and budget
  • Compliance to the most common court regulations including HIPAA and CJIS


Security is at the forefront of all justice system organizations. Sensitive data comes into courts every day, and it’s the staff’s job to protect it from unauthorized parties. When you work with JusticeTech, you get user-friendly court solutions backed by Government-level protection. All cloud-hosted products adhere to the highest levels of security, audit, and backup standards.
For our own security, we cannot divulge the full depth and breadth of our protective measures. We can confidently say we dot our “I’s” and cross our “T’s” to ensure each solution is compliant with the most common court regulations including StateRamp, NIST 800-53, and FBI CJIS. Please contact us for more information about how we protect your data.


Courts and cases vary in size, volume, and complexity. You deserve a solution that will grow and change with you. JusticeTech is highly configurable to support the exact needs of any court for any case type. Our solutions are designed to fit your organization without cluttering your processes with features you don’t need. If your goals change, we can change with you.
Configurability allows changes to be made to a process with a few clicks, instead of costly programming. A configurable court solution reduces the cost of vendors by empowering court staff to self-manage easily, and the cost per court by providing access to multiple courthouses at once. When everyone is on the same system, things move smoother and the room for growth is limitless.

Deployment Speed / Time to Value

Many courts have been hesitant to adopt new technology for fear of having to wait months or even years for it to be fully implemented and showing value. JusticeTech is different thanks to low code configuration and its cloud environment. Unlike other court solutions, JusticeTech can usually be implemented in days to weeks.
We pride ourselves on a dramatically lower “Time to Value”. TTV is a measure of the time required for the customer to begin to receive a return on their investment. In order to achieve this, we focus on low code configuration options rather than entirely custom solutions. By offering specific modules with only a few customization options, we are able to drastically reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of your solution.

User Experience

Effective court solutions depend on positive user experience. JusticeTech prioritizes UX because we understand your organization needs an easy-to-use, convenient product that gets the job done. We offer clear and concise reporting, accessible dashboards, and simple navigation for a stress-free environment.
The JusticeTech design team leverages experts in UI/UX to ensure that users have an intuitive and efficient experience. We strive to develop user-centric solutions using direct feedback to improve our platforms to meet customer needs.

Mobile / Public Access

Government agencies have a responsibility to provide data to the public upon request. JusticeTech makes it easy to share files digitally in secure yet user-friendly formats. Agencies can fulfill requests with just a few clicks to improve relationships with the public and decrease delays caused by large numbers of public records requests.
JusticeTech includes mobile devices in the design of all of our user interfaces. Our use of mobile is more than just for browsing to web pages - in many instances, our approach is to provide specific apps and sites that leverage the unique capabilities of today’s modern smartphone.