Our Comprehensive Approach to Solutions

Through the i3 Verticals family of companies we create customized solutions for every client. And for those looking for more than payment processing, we leverage cutting-edge technology to help them grow, increase profits and boost efficiency. All to make sure they thrive in today’s fast-moving marketplace.

Our varied solutions share the following essentials:



We have the ability to accept payments from wherever your customers are, including online, mobile devices, software, text-to-pay, in-person and kiosk options. We also have dedicated 24/7 support teams to make integration simple and seamless.


Every client has different needs. We first listen to what you have to say before working with you to identify your challenges and objectives. Then we can lay the groundwork to create a solution to help you achieve your specific goals.


Our bank-level, PCI-compliant security protects cardholder data and helps you manage risk. When transaction security is of the utmost importance, i3 Verticals delivers.


We streamline information for optimal speed, convenience and efficiency, transforming data into actionable business intelligence.


Clients in our different verticals find our automated reporting tools to be indispensable as they make it easy to access important information in real-time. And you can lean on our trusted advisors to help with analysis and provide answers to your questions.

Interested in hearing about how we can help your business?

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