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Privacy Policy

Ethics & Compliance

Growth and profitability are not the only measures of our success. We pride ourselves on a fierce commitment to fair and ethical business practices. And we are committed to protecting our reputation by fostering an environment of fairness, responsibility and thoughtful accountability – an environment in which “doing the right thing” is valued above all else.

Reporting Non-Compliance

If you see something you think may be in violation of law, the Code of Conduct or any Company policies, you are encouraged to bring that to the attention of the Company. It is The Company’s promise to you that any good faith report of non-compliance can be made without fear of retaliation or retribution. Your manager, the Legal department, and the Human Resources department are always available to hear your concerns. If you prefer to make an anonymous report, please utilize our 24-hour compliance reporting system, i3 Connect.
Make an Online Report via i3 Connect:

Report via the i3 Connect Hotline: