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i3 Verticals ePortal Utility Customers Named Some of the Happiest in the Country

Each year, JD Power conducts several studies into the satisfaction of Utility customers across America. This year, the reports noteice a significant increase in the number of customers wanting greater transparency and personalized attention from providers. The highest ranked companies have met these expectations, and we are honored to announce i3 Verticals as a top contender in multiple geographical locations, thanks to our revolutionary ePortal solution. 

The JD Power Report 

The JD Power study measured customer satisfaction with water utilities in eight geographic regions. Using a 1,000 point scale, customers are asked to rate various services and features. Overall satisfaction examines eight core dimensions on a poor-to-perfect 6-point rating scale. The eight dimensions are: : 

  1. Information Provided 
  2. Quality and Reliability 
  3. Level of Trust 
  4. Ease of Doing Business 
  5. Total Monthly Costs 
  6. People 
  7. Resolving Problems or Complaints 
  8. Digital Channels 

i3 Verticals ePortal customer, Seattle Public Utilities, was rated number one in the West for Large Utilities. Additionally, Aqua, a lLarge Utility Provider in the Northeast, was ranked number two. We also had a great result in the West Midsize category, with partner Colorado Springs Utility ranking fourth out of 15 providers. We are thrilled to see our end users so happy with our products! 

i3 Verticals Utility ePortal 

Our ePortal solution works to improve all eight studied categories as mentioned above. ePortal is a customer experience portal designed to streamline processes and provide an enriched customer experience. Developed by a fusion of User Experience (UX) experts and the best practices in utility customer service, ePortal comes with a robust set of features designed to tackle the most prevalent and time-consuming challenges.  

ePortal revolutionizesis revolutionizing the way utility customers do business. Compared to traditional methods of account management, ePortal is exponentially faster and more accessible on-demand. Customers can receive the information they need quickly and securely from any device. Some of the key features of ePortal include: 

  • Customer-Centric Design 
  • Mobile Service Management 
  • Automatic Usage Notifications 
  • Digital Communication and Engagement 
  • Usage Comparison and Cost Analysis 

For convenience, ePortal can be integrated with existing Customer Information Systems to consolidate data and processes for providers. By bringing key information directly to end users, our customers are able to meet and exceed growing expectations for transparency, accessibility, and customer focus.  

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Experience 

Ranking so well in studies like those of JD Power further enforces the i3 Verticals commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand customers are the backbone to any business, so we do our best to provide them with the best possible service through top technology. All Utility solutions, and our entire Public Sector suite, leverage the top UX experts and designs in the industry to ensure your digital presence is known, valued, and appreciated. With our help, you can be the next Utility provider to make it to the top of a JD Power ranking.  

In addition to ePortal, we offer several other Customer Experience solutions for the Utility industry.  

  • eIVRConnect: a cutting-edge omnichannel SaaS solution. Designed to replace traditional IVR systems to establish more meaningful connections and deliver consistent customer experience through automated voice responses.  
  • eNotify: a digital tool for customers to access real-time updates and personalized notifications. Customers can receive updates for payments via SMS or email, opt for paperless billing, initiate service requests, and more.  
  • eNeighbor: a unique and insightful service to give customers access to utility consumption rates and costs compared to others in the area. Historic views provide in-depth details into how rates have changed over time.  


We would like to extend our congratulations to the providers recognized in the study, as well as our gratitude to the end users who find value in our software solutions. We work closely with customers and industry experts to offer the highest-quality digital tools, and it’s always rewarding to be see our customers being recognized for their great work. We look forward to the continued partnerships with providers across the US, and we’re always looking to welcome new organizations into the i3 Verticals family. Visit our website to learn more and contact us to get started.  

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