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Utility Customer Digital Engagement Platform powered by AI

Improve Transparency to Utility Customers

The i3 Public Sector Utility Digital Customer Engagement Platform powered by AI is a technology solution that combines utility industry-specific functionality with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enhance customer engagement and improve overall service delivery in the utility sector.

Empowering Utility Customers

Introducing our cutting-edge AI-powered Utility Digital Customer Engagement Platform, tailored to revolutionize your utility company’s customer interactions. Here’s how our platform can help drive customer engagement and satisfaction:

AI-Powered Conversations & Tailored Experiences

Enhance customer engagement with intelligent 24/7 chatbots and virtual assistants. Leverage AI to personalize interactions, offering individualized recommendations and solutions based on customer behaviors and preferences.

Scalable Solutions with Seamless Integration

Grow and adjust our platform with your utility company, regardless of the size of your organization. Integrate with your existing systems, such as billing, CRM, and data management, to create a cohesive and streamlined customer experience.

Efficient Outage Management

Predict, manage, and communicate power outages more effectively, ensuring quicker response times and improved customer communication during service disruptions.

Advanced Analytics & Proactive Support

Harness the power of AI-driven analytics to gain deep insights into customer behaviors, energy consumption trends, and data-driven decision-making. Identify potential service issues in real-time and offer preemptive solutions, reducing the need for customer-initiated support requests.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Fortify your utility services against security threats and fraud using AI-driven detection and prevention mechanisms. Rest easy knowing that our platform aligns with industry regulations and stringent data security standards.

Seamless Billing & Payments

Simplify the billing and payment process, making it more transparent and convenient, with features like automated payments and proactive reminders.

Omnichannel Engagement & Customer Feedback

Engage customers through their preferred digital channels, including mobile apps, websites, social media, email, and chat. Gather feedback and conduct surveys to gauge satisfaction and uncover areas for improvement.

Energy Efficiency Insights

Provide customers with valuable insights and tips to optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and promote sustainability.

The Customer Experience Suite

i3 Public Sector’s ePortal Customer Self-Service solution was created in collaboration with our customers and for our customers. It was born out of the necessity to streamline processes and provide an enriched customer experience. Developed by a fusion of User Experience (UX) experts and the best practices in utility customer service, ePortal comes with a robust set of features designed to tackle the most prevalent and time-consuming challenges. Here’s what ePortal has to offer:

  • Customer-Centric Design
  • Mobile Service Management
  • Automatic Usage Notifications
  • Digital Communication and Engagement
  • Usage Comparison and Cost Analysis

Moreover, ePortal is designed for seamless integration with a range of Customer Information System (CIS) solutions, making it an integral part of a comprehensive digital strategy for your utility company Experience the convenience, efficiency, and customer-centric approach of ePortal and elevate your utility service experience today.

Revolutionize your utility contact center with eIVRConnect, a cutting-edge omnichannel SaaS solution powered by AWS Connect. Our platform is designed to replace traditional IVR systems, automating voice responses and seamlessly integrating multiple communication channels. Built specifically for the utility industry, eIVRConnect harnesses the latest technology from Amazon, combined with the deep industry expertise of i3 Verticals.

With eIVRConnect, utilities can establish meaningful connections and deliver a consistent customer experience, ultimately boosting satisfaction and reducing call center costs. Our IVR solution is tailor-made for the utility sector, ensuring easy scalability and a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

  1. Create customized customer journeys with the intuitive contact flow builder
  2. Streamline communication with scheduled automated calls, appointment reminders, and payment notifications
  3. Monitor agent performance with assessments and integrated call recording
  4. Develop a unified user interface and routing engine for both calls and chats

 Provide exceptional 16kHz audio

eNotify empowers your customers with real-time utility updates and personalized notifications. eNotify offers a plethora of features designed to enhance customer satisfaction. Your customers can receive instant automated confirmations for payments, opt for paperless billing, initiate service requests, and much more, all through their preferred communication channel. Our system ensures that important updates regarding their accounts and profile changes, such as password resets, are promptly delivered.

  1. Customize customer preferences for each notification type to enhance responsiveness
  2. Elevate communication efforts with uniform messaging across all channels
  3. Personalize messaging with custom SMS and email templates
  4. Track and manage payment processing with advanced reporting features
  5. Easily edit content and incorporate dynamic variables for a personalized experience
  6. Access essential analytics through a centralized, user-friendly dashboard
  7. Streamline operations and free up employee resources by sending mass information updates


eNeighbor harnesses the power of public information data sources, such as Zillow, to offer utility customers a unique and insightful service. By leveraging comparable home characteristics and demographic data, we provide utility data that enables peer comparison ratings. Our goal is to help customers make informed choices by allowing them to compare their usage with neighboring homes, ensuring they get the best services and deals available.

  1. Empower customers to compare their consumption rates with similar homes in their neighborhood, promoting better-informed decisions
  2. Delve into the past with historic views that allow customers to gain a deeper understanding of how their utility rates and usage have evolved over time
  3. Enable customers to compare bills, offering a comprehensive view of annual charges and usage patterns.
  4. Enhance customer education with conversation tips aimed at optimizing utility usage, saving money, and maximizing efficiency.

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