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Billing and Payment Software

Solutions to Aid in Collecting, Monitoring, and Processing Payments

i3 Public Sector has a variety of utility billing and payment software solutions available to help government entities manage payments to and from the organization. We work to provide digital, convenient solutions to the age-old challenge of collecting and processing payments on time. With our suite of products, your department can improve turnaround times and resource usage.

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Compliant Payment Software For Utilities

Utility companies are responsible for upwards of hundreds of accounts at a time. Trying to manage the funds coming and going can be an enormous task. i3 Public Sector has developed cutting-edge software to aid in all steps of the process. Our suite is compliant to all common regulations, and all transactions are backed by state-of-the-art security measures. We can help get funds next day, calculate fees, generate reports, and monitor accounts. Our utility billing software was developed with user experience in mind, so dashboards are simple to navigate for all levels of technical knowledge.

The Utility Billing and Payment Suite

ePay is our PCI-Compliant and NACHA-validated payment solution providing next-day funding. Validate accounts and routing in real time, and instantly check balance/check history. Reporting capabilities include detailed analysis by department, merchant account, payment type, refunds, voids, and disputes. Complete one-time payments, current and past-due payments, scheduled payments, and multi-account payments, all while ensuring displayed daily overdue interest or late payment fees are calculated based on rules and available data. 

  • Rest assured you’re adhering to industry regulations with PCI compliance 
  • Screen and NACHA validate every transaction automatically
  • Obtain funds in a fraction of the time of legacy systems with guaranteed next-day funding
  • Generate and view reports in the platform for all critical data
  • Get access to a team of customer service professionals to help with troubleshooting
  • Track both real-time and historical analytics from within the ePay platform to get a high-level overview of your organization’s progress and success.

uVisionPLUS™ is a powerful and comprehensive cloud-based utility billing software that provides everything your business needs to manage and maintain customer accounts in one place. With a user-friendly design and powerful functionality, uVisionPLUS™ streamlines workflows, eliminates data entry errors, and reduces labor-intensive tasks for employees. 

  • Support unlimited users to maximize the value of the uVisionPLUS system
  • Store all data in a single-tenant, highly-secure cloud environment to improve access and security
  • Leverage a modern dashboard to easily navigate through the system to get tasks completed in minutes
  • Enjoy having no session limits to ensure your entire staff can use the system without fear of usage overages.

The i3 Public Sector Payment Processing solution works to make obtaining payments easier than ever. We provide methods of paying bills online to encourage faster payment backed by improved security. The Payment Processing Solution is PCI compliant, which is required to make online credit card use secure as possible. High-end transactional encryption backs all transactions to protect your customers and give them peace of mind when working with you.  

  • Accept multiple payment options – credit card or check- to best accommodate your customers
  • Offer 24/7 access to the public for payment anytime, even after normal business hours
  • Give users access to historical and real-time views of bills to eliminate calls to customer service
  • Generate reports on demand for a wide range of relevant metrics 
  • Keep customers updated on bills, payments, and account status with automatic eNotices
  • Allow users to set up recurring payments to promote reliable collection of funds
  • Grant immediate access to the platform thanks to internet account creation

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