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Online Dispute Resolution Software

Online Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration

To free up courtrooms, many jurisdictions are turning to Online Dispute Resolution software (ODR) as the main method of reaching settlements. ODR is 100% digital and can drastically reduce both time and cost associated with each case.

Improving Access to Justice

Attending court can be time-consuming and expensive. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means needed to settle disputes in court, and are forced to drop the argument altogether. Online Dispute Resolution software works to even the playing field by providing a digital platform that anyone can use. By offering ODR, courts help vulnerable constituents by eliminating travel, large court/lawyer fees, extensive sessions resulting in missed workdays, and more. All parties need is access to a computer, and they are free to participate in a fair settlement process. ODR handles mediation, arbitration, and negotiation to best suit each case’s needs. All involved parties are guided through the process to set them up for a successful settlement.

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Resolve Disputes Online

Online Dispute Resolution is changing the way courts handle disputes. By leveraging a digital platform, settlements can be reached without stepping foot in a courtroom. The process is expedited and involves fewer fees than in-person hearings, meaning the public has more affordable access to justice. Resolve Disputes Online is an inclusive system that accepts and stores documents, handles settlement negotiations, and collects payment in the platform. By keeping the entire settlement process in a centralized location, Resolve Disputes Online guarantees security and efficiency. 

  • Give the public access to fair and equitable settlements from any device
  • Offer fully-remote dispute resolution to encourage faster settlement
  • Introduce digital mediation, arbitration, and negotiation to help improve access to justice for your constituents
  • Collect fee payments in the platform for more secure, timely transactions 
  • Free up valuable courtroom space by allowing the public to use alternative dispute resolution options
  • Leverage an automated negotiation process to help community members reach a fair and agreed upon outcome
  • Prepare for the future of settlement with upcoming AI-led negotiation

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