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Financial Management Software

Accounting, Payroll, and HR Solutions

i3 Public Sector understands how critical back-end processes are in creating a successful organization. Managing the administrative side of things can require a large percentage of employee resources, leading to less productivity in other areas. i3 brings you all-in-one Financial Management software to keep your books in order with
significantly less work.

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Cutting-Edge Financial Tech for Multiple Verticals

The i3 Financial Management tool was designed to span multiple verticals within the public sector. After all, every organization needs accounting and payroll, so we designed a solution configurable to fit just about any scenario. Our comprehensive solution incorporates a variety of features to help streamline finance-centric processes, and provide as much value as possible.  

  • Government fund accounting solutions
  • All-in-one accounting, payroll, and human resources software
  • Backed by top security measures
  • Promotes increased productivity by reducing the time spent on financial management tasks
  • Aligns with all Governmental Accounting Standards Board requirements
  • Used across the U.S. in multiple public sector sub-verticals 

Streamline Financial Management

Financial Management is a key aspect of Enterprise Resource Planning. Operations cannot be managed without proper budget control and accounting practices. Our solution is scalable to meet the needs of any ERP company. We adhere to Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) guidelines to ensure security and legality for all actions. Our Financial Management tool integrates with new and existing systems to become part of the overall resource management suite your organization uses.

Courts have payments coming in all the time for fees, citations, document requests, settlements, and more. When all those transactions become too much for the staff to handle on their own, implementing the i3 Financial Management software can be a big help. Our cutting-edge technology streamlines all finance-related tasks so your court can get back to focusing on improving access to justice.

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