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Digital Vehicle Documentation Software

Empowering the Public Through an Innovative Mobile App

We understand the importance of data on the go. Vehicle owners need access to several important documents, and carrying them in paper form is cumbersome. To ensure drivers always have access when and where they need it, i3 Public Sector offers a user-friendly mobile app specifically for storing digital copies of important documentation.  

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A Mobile App to Replace Envelopes in Your Glovebox

Owning and operating a vehicle is an enormous responsibility that requires quite a bit of documentation. Licenses, registration, insurance information, and more all need to be on hand any time you are in the driver’s seat. i3 Public Sector created a convenient mobile app to store these documents in a digital, legally-accepted format. With our app, all information can be accessed with a smartphone, so there’s no more rummaging through the glove compartment in search of the “important papers” envelope. All documents meet state requirements and are accepted by police during citations.

Vehicle Documentation in Your Pocket

Auto Assistant

The Auto Assistant mobile app provides instant access to an electronic copy of registration, insurance verification, and vehicle recalls. Easily view and renew current vehicle registration, and receive notifications before the vehicle’s registration expires. Registered motor vehicle owners can download the app for free, upload a copy of their documentation, and enjoy digital access whenever and wherever they need it. 

  • Help drivers manage documentation for multiple vehicles at once
  • Support electronic proof of registration to reduce paper and encourage drivers to always have a digital copy on hand
  • Empower drivers to renew registrations in minutes from their smartphone
  • Set drivers up for success by providing automatic notifications when renewal is required on any important document
  • Revolutionize vehicle recall searches with a mobile database
  • Help reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road by giving them digital insurance verification capabilities from their phone

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