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Court Payment Processing Software

Reliable Digital and Over-The-Counter Payments

i3 Public Sector is proud to offer Payment Processing for all major debit and credit cards as well as eChecks, and payments through IVR. Our solution is incredibly user-friendly to promote timely payments of all fees and citations.  

Browser-Based Payments Made Easy

By digitizing the payment process, i3 Public Sector has made it more convenient, therefore encouraging faster payments from the public. Our solution is 100% browser-based, so constituents don’t even need to download an app. The i3 Payment Processing software supports tax collection, court fees, DMV fees, and all public sector payments. Constituents simply log into the platform, input their information, and make payments in minutes. To accommodate everyone, we support payments via debit, credit, EMV, IVR, eChecks, and more. Every transaction is tracked for auditing purposes, and all involved parties can check the status of a payment at any time.

Our Solution

Payment Processing

The JusticeTech Payment Solution is the new all-in-one browser-based payment solution making it easier for governments to process payments than ever before. Our payment processing system provides constituents more ways to pay! Our payment processor supports EMV over-the-counter payments, online payments, and even payments through IVR. Not only does the system support all major credit and debit cards, but e-check payment options are also available. 

  • Process payments through an exclusively browser-based program
  • Support tax collection, courts, DMVs, animal shelters, libraries, and more
  • Become a no-cost card payment partner to save your organization money
  • Generate reports from anywhere with configurable metric options
  • Send and receive payment and disbursement notifications to never miss a payment again
  • Experience powerful technology from your mobile device for on-the-go payment processing
  • Accept all major debit/credit cards and eChecks so customers can pay in a way most convenient to them

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