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Jail Management Software

A Centralized Database for All Jail and Inmate Information

i3 Public Sector’s Jail Management System (JMS) is a scalable solution to suit the needs of any size jail. We offer user-friendly ways to digitize all information storage and sharing in a single location. Multiple modules are included, and can be configured to the specific needs of the jail. Our JMS handles all files and aids in tracking, monitoring, and reporting.

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An All-In-One Solution for Jails of Any Size

Maintaining jails and managing the inmate population is a time-consuming, yet crucial process. i3 Public Sector sought to develop a Jail Management System to aid staff in providing unmatched around-the-clock care for inmates while exceeding federal care requirements. When creating our JMS, it became clear how many tasks are essential in properly managing jails, regardless of size, population, or location. As such, we continue to add features in the hopes of digitizing all steps in the process from beginning to end. Now, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive solution on the market trusted across the U.S.

A Look Into Our System

InterOp JMS

InterOp JMS has been carefully crafted to streamline tasks often taking the most time and man power. We believe in leveraging technology to shorten your staff’s to-do lists, and InterOp JMS is a prime example of how modules can offer a complete, end-to-end system. There are dozens of configurable features included in the solution to best fit the needs and goals of your institution.  

  • Book arrested individuals complete with digital mugshots
  • Retrieve fingerprints, enter and edit inmate information with just a few clicks 
  • Manage inmates, victim notifications, EMS calls, disciplinary events, and approved prescriptions from the user-friendly dashboard
  • Look up important documents such as inmate information, population status, personnel assignments, and saved police/incident reports
  • Get notified when inmate release requirements are almost fulfilled
  • Digitally file and submit Jail Incident Reports

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