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Land and Official Records Management Software

Digital Tools to Improve Record-Keeping and Security

Maintaining large amounts of records is quite the task. i3 Public Sector understands this and has developed software specifically to make the process easier and more manageable. Our Land and Official Records solution is 100% digital and can handle all the main types of records organizations have to manage. Our tool keeps things organized and gives your staff the ability to review records at any time.

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Improve the User Experience Through Revolutionary Tools

The i3 Land and Official Records Management Software is a flexible, state-of-the-art system that combines modern technology with incredible user experience. The innovative solution enables users to record, scan, and index land and other records. All tools are easy to use and designed with simple navigation in mind. We guarantee any member of your staff can master the solution with little to no training required. Your office can take full advantage of workflow features, including automated indexing and redaction, eRecording, integrated credit card processing, and more.

The Benefits of Land and Records Management

Land & Official Records Management

With the i3 Public Sector Land and Official Records Management software solution, you can digitize record keeping to improve access, security, and longevity. The system is digital, ensuring no documents get misplaced, destroyed, or filed incorrectly. Files can be found at any time through a simple search, and relevant data can be shared amongst integrated systems. All records are automatically backed up on multiple, secure offsite locations. Record documents without the risk of human error during entry. 

  • Take advantage of flexible integrations with other inner office or inner court systems to build a complete end-to-end solution
  • Rest assured in times of disaster with multiple secure backups of each file created automatically within the system
  • Activate or deactivate adaptive modules at any time to create a custom Records Management experience

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