Comprehensive ERP Software Solutions

i3 Verticals ERP software delivers cutting-edge financial management, human capital administration, tax & appraisal services, regulatory compliance, official records management, and payment processing solutions. We specialize in simplifying complex processes to effectively handle all aspects of government operations.

Custom ERP Solutions

We offer a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to fit your every need. If you have any questions about our ERP solutions, please reach out to the team. You may also schedule a demo if you would like to see the product in action.



Our Products

Appraisal and Tax

Collect real and personal taxes electronically with innovative software

Financial Management

Manage financials with enterprise asset and general ledger management

Human Capital Management

Digitize payroll, HR services, and employee programs

Land & Official Records Management

Record, index, access, and maintain digital land records in a secure cloud environment

Regulatory & Licensing

Streamline fee, license, and tax processes from a secure digital platform

Revenue Management

Make payments from a secure, browser-based solution