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The i3 Verticals Revenue Management solution is a no-cost card payment solution for any government agency. Revenue Management accepts all major debit and credit cards, along with eChecks. By offering these options, faster payments are encouraged with less hassle. All transactions are carefully monitored by market-leading technology to ensure your constituents’ data is kept safe.

Convenience You Can Count On

Government agencies have countless payments coming in on a daily basis. Tracking and managing collection can be a logistical nightmare as things get busy and staff is needed for other projects. Turn to the i3 Verticals Revenue Management solution for the most convenient payment option available. Our software is 100% browser-based and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. The platform is an all-in-one tool, simple to navigate and backed by encryption to protect valuable information. We bring the power of payments directly to those who owe and allow them to pay via their preferred method. Without any hoops to jump through, the public is more willing to make timely, accurate payments. Small user fees are built in to each payment to cover the entire cost of the solution. The agency pays nothing and the public gets a simpler way to clear their balances.

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Revenue Management

i3 Verticals ERP Payment Solution is the all-in-one browser-based payment solution making it easier for governments to process payments than ever before – the possibilities are endless. Easily account for every penny and be notified when payments are made, and money is on the way. i3 Verticals ERP Payment Solution is for any governmental entity searching for a no-cost card payment solution. 

  • Set up payment and disbursement notifications to know exactly when payments are due
  • Provide payment options using all major debit/credit cards and eChecks to encourage end users to pay on time or even early
  • Generate comprehensive reports using configurable metrics within the system
  • Provide support for over-the-counter and online payments to accommodate customers with varying degrees of technical knowledge
  • Give customers bills and the ability to pay them sooner than with traditional, hard-copy systems

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