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Appraisal and Tax Software Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions for Tax Appraisal, Billing, and Collection ​

A large part of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) centers around properly appropriating funds and determining the value of properties. i3 Public Sector’s Appraisal and Tax software work together to help evaluate land and properly calculate taxes associated with it. Our system can crunch the numbers for you, leaving you free to look at other aspects of a project.

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Automated Tax Solutions for All Organizations

Calculating taxes can be very time-consuming, especially for larger organizations. Tax rates change regularly, and it’s imperative to perform calculations using the most up-to-date data. i3 Public Sector’s Appraisal and Tax software can do the math for you, pulling from current tax data to provide a number in real time. Our Appraisal software is extremely accurate, showing the true appraisal for any piece of land, building, or personal property. By transitioning to our software, you ensure more accurate calculations, and free up valuable staff resources.

Appraisal and Tax Features

Appraisal and Tax

i3 Public Sector brings the industry’s best Tax Billing and Collection System and Appraisal Software by combining state-of-the-art technology with decades of industry experience. The Tax Billing and Collection System is a complete software package for collecting real and personal property taxes digitally. All tax bills are computed automatically to aid the user in making correct payments faster. Our Appraisal Software features an extremely accurate valuation engine for calculating property taxes. Easily calculate value by comparing cost, market, and income approaches. 

  • Track account data with various view options to best suit your needs and methods of analysis
  • Automatically recalculate adjusted tax bills from prior years to eliminate manual calculations and avoid human error
  • Perform in-platform inquiries for bill number, taxpayer name, parcel number, property ID, and more
  • Monitor edits to records with automatically updated history logs
  • Utilize integrated Marshall and Swift costing tables to accurately determine construction costs, component costs, and more
  • Create concise, to-scale drawings of properties with integrated sketch tools
  • Track splits, merges, and transfers from a single platform to shorten time spent on each task

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