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Software for Self-Service and Payments

Encourage Faster Payments Through Convenient Self-Service Kiosks

After over a decade in the industry, i3 Public Sector understands the fastest way to get on-time payments is to provide a more convenient system to customers. Enter our self-service kiosks that allow individuals to pay with their method of choice, even outside of normal business hours.

Empowering Customers Through Reliable Self-Service

Collecting payments is a critical part of any business, but it should not take up the majority of your resources. Customers want to feel empowered to pay their way without having to speak to a representative or adhere to an organization’s hours of operations. We provide indoor and outdoor payment kiosks to best suit your organization’s needs and customer base. All kiosks are touch screen and simple to navigate to help even those with limited technical knowledge make a payment in just minutes.

Convenient Payment Terminals

Kiosk Solutions

The i3 Public Sector Kiosk Solutions (EIVS) make paying bills and fees easier than ever. We have indoor and outdoor options to best suit the needs of your organization and community. Our kiosks are self-service and touchscreen to make the process simple for anyone to use. All kiosks are secured with top protective measures to keep important data, including personal details and credit card numbers, safe.

  • Provide indoor and/or outdoor payment centers to create a comfortable environment in all elements
  • Offer convenient payments while protecting data and technology with robust, tamper-proof kiosks
  • Help customers navigate the system with user-friendly touch screens
  • Can accept various forms of payments to encourage customers to make payments on time at their convenience.

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