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Online Training Content Manager

Create a Stronger Workforce with Simple Training Modules

More and more organizations are relying on remote workforces as their main staff. It can be challenging to evaluate applicants and train new hires when they are not in the office. i3 Public Sector offers browser-based training software to bridge the gap and ensure your employees are adequately prepared to do their job effectively.

Evaluate and Train from Anywhere

One of the most important things an employee can do is continue to learn. There is always room for growth and improvement as long as the individual is willing to put in the work behind it. iLearn helps companies help employees by providing remote, modular training and evaluations. Your staff can utilize iLearn to test their knowledge on key job functions as well as complete evaluations that can help you see where they are in their training. With today’s growing remote workforce, having the ability to provide additional training via mobile is key to success. iLearn offers scalable, reactive training that will challenge your staff to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and your organization as a whole.

Train Your Team from Anywhere


iLearn™ is a flexible, browser-based Learning Content Management System that enables you to remotely train & evaluate trainees from any desktop or mobile device. It supports a variety of content delivery formats, including text, graphics, audio and video. iLearn allows you to test your trainee’s competency levels using concept-, procedure-, or application-based question categories. A certificate of completion can automatically be generated after a course is passed. 

  • Provide top-level training without requiring employees to travel into the office 
  • Create custom training with highly configurable content, questions, branding, pass/fail thresholds, and more
  • Include multimedia files to improve the remote training experience (video, audio, images, PDFs, etc.)
  • Quickly and easily design training modules with our simple builder
  • Comply with Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)
  • Set user roles to provide the exact level of access each team member needs
  • View user activity and generate progress reports to ensure training is on schedule

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