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Criminal Processing Software

Information and Fingerprint Live Scanning

i3 Public Sector brings you InterOp LiveScan, a criminal processing software. This solution allows officers to scan IDs, fingerprints, and more in real time and instantly collect identifying information. InterOp LiveScan can be used by jails to add charges to criminal history, or by court systems to check criminal history prior to issuing licenses and permits.

Fingerprint scanning from finger. Technology, security and biometric concept.

The Modern Way to Collect Criminal Information

The i3 Criminal Processing solution works to digitize a process that has long been based on paper. InterOp LiveScan is the modern way to collect fingerprints and automatically scan IDs to gather personal information such as name, address, age, etc. With InterOp LiveScan, officers can avoid manual entry, thus cutting down on human error. In addition, the entire collection process is significantly faster for both the officers and those being scanned. InterOp LiveScan includes import and export options with Jail Management for quickly submitting or reviewing prints and data for inmates. Everything is done in just a few clicks and requires no physical paperwork.

Criminal Processing Software Features

InterOp LiveScan

InterOp LiveScan is a digital tool for officers to quickly and efficiently collect criminal information from non-text sources. ID cards can be scanned with information automatically being pulled and transformed into a readable format, and fingerprints can be taken and stored in the appropriate database(s). InterOp LiveScan is a tool designed specifically for  officers as a way to reduce manual entry and improve accuracy of data.  

  • Easily capture both criminal and civil applicant data and fingerprints digitally from anywhere 
  • Import/export demographic data from a local Jail Management System to immediately identify trends, individuals, and risk factors
  • Automatically submit identity responses and electronic rapsheets on fingerprint transactions to both AFIS and FBI’s Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (IAFIS)
  • Easily capture rolled prints digitally 
  • Leverage i3’s WebTechnology submission software to submit and retrieve data over the internet
  • Includes: laptop or PC, ten print scanner, ruggedized cabinet enclosure with LCD panel monitor, support hardware, WebTechnology software
  • Optional: touch screen monitor, signature pad, fingerprint printer, digital image capture system, mental health check interface

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