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Court Document Management Software

Transforming the Way Courts Handle Files

Thousands of documents pass through the court system each year. Many of those files must be kept for a period of time for future access if needed. To help better manage the influx and organization of documents, i3 Public Sector offers a digital Document Management platform. 

Your All-In-One Document Management Tool

Pushing papers is a tedious task, but a critical one nonetheless. Courts have massive amounts of files going in and out each day. As courts grow and cases become more complex, it’s clear legacy systems of manual document sorting are no longer sustainable. To help courts keep up, i3 Public Sector has developed a state-of-the-art Document Management System (DMS). Our DMS offers assistance in uploading, sorting, storing, sharing, and reviewing files in a variety of common formats. With the i3 DMS, courts can easily handle thousands of documents without tying up all staff resources. The system does the hard work for you, so your team can focus on trials and getting cases submitted, heard, and closed.

Our Document Management Software

Document Management

The JusticeTech Document Management System (DMS) allows the court to create, mark up, sign and store a high volume of case-related documents.  Our DMS provides a comprehensive scanning application for the capture of paper documents. Document templates can be created and stored for use at various stages of workflow. Our DMS software has been created in conjunction with justice experts to offer innovative technology scalable to accommodate even the largest document repositories. Easily upload and manage video, audio, images, and document files to be used as evidence in cases. All files are automatically audited to maintain proper chain of custody. 

  • Enable your court to support files of all sizes and formats including audio and video to house all data in a centralized location
  • Track interactions with files via automatic audit trails with time stamps and user access information
  • Securely share documents backed by government-compliant encryption
  • Mark up and electronically sign documents within the DMS platform to keep all documents digital and saved in one location
  • Improve accessibility by storing documents in the cloud so multiple parties can view them simultaneously
  • Create document templates and store them for a faster way to send them out in the future
  • Employ the comprehensive scanning application for simple and efficient document capture

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