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OneVoice Matters

Encouraging Students to Speak Up Without Fear

i3 Verticals is committed to making schools and communities safe places for all. OneVoice Matters, our anonymous reporting system, empowers students and families to digitally report bullying, violence, aggression, drugs, abuse, and other safety concerns. With OneVoice, individuals can speak up against issues without the fear associated with approaching administration or authorities face-to-face. 

Stop Bullying and Aggression in Real-Time

In schools across America, there are unfortunate instances of bullying, aggression, and criminal acts that put innocent individuals at risk. To encourage onlookers to speak up, i3 Verticals offers OneVoice Matters, a digital reporting system that sends incident reports directly to administrators in real-time. Questions asked in reports can be edited per individual school or by district to reflect specific needs. OneVoice administrators can even choose to make the report anonymous by never asking for a submitter’s name.  

Unlike other reporting systems, there is no app to download, and no paper form to fill out – everything is done quickly over text or online. With OneVoice, students and family members can easily report dangerous situations without making a scene, ensuring their own protection and avoiding escalation. In just a few moments, students can file reports to help others under duress.

OneVoice Matters Features

OneVoice Matters

OneVoice Matters is compatible with computers and smartphones to provide reporting capabilities from anywhere. Users can fill out an online form, or text the OneVoice reporting number to quickly inform administrators of criminal or dangerous events occurring in schools. The admins on the school account will be notified immediately and can respond to the report in just minutes. The reporter never has to speak to anyone face-to-face, increasing the likelihood of prompt, accurate reporting. OneVoice Matters removes the fear of asking for help and allows students to find their voice. 

  • Configurable access levels for back-end administrators  
  • Text and online reporting capabilities 
  • Automatic notification to authorized responders 
  • Law Enforcement access for more serious incidents 
  • Report log for tracking incidents across district schools 
  • Configurable questions and report fields 
  • Simple enough for students of all ages to use successfully 

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