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Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Software

The Best Way to Dispatch Emergency Vehicles

Hundreds of thousands of 911 calls are made each day, and it’s up to the dispatcher to collect relevant information, call on the correct units, and log all interactions. Computer-aided dispatch software can ease the strain on dispatchers by leveraging technology to pinpoint location, make calls to the appropriate units, and communicate effectively.

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Leveraging Technology to Improve the Dispatching Process

Every second counts in emergency situations. Dispatchers need to take in massive amounts of information, determine what is needed to help the situation, and organize the rescue effort. i3’s Computer-aided dispatch software solutions work with your staff to streamline the process of dispatching officers and emergency vehicles. Tools like geo-location mapping, call transfers, integrations with RMS queries, SMS messages, and more make CAD the optimal solution in busy districts. The human dispatcher is still in control of the situation, but they have carefully-constructed digital tools to aid them in getting all the information where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Our Computer-Aided Dispatch Solutions

InterOp CAD is lightening fast, fully integrated, and feature rich for your communications center. Interop CAD is a multi-faceted tool changing the way dispatch centers across the country communicate with police. Thanks to careful development, it is next gen compliant and integrated with NCIC. InterOp CAD offers assistance from beginning to end of a call, ultimately helping get all parties on the same page and working together to help overcome the crisis at hand. 

  • Give police and dispatchers access to geo-location and mapping interface services for quickly finding an address while on-route
  • Enable multi-agency call transfers to provide quick support to those outside of your jurisdiction
  • Help dispatchers stay organized with customizable layouts, color schemes, and window arrangements
  • Query RMS to immediate call up all relevant records and data
  • Streamline communication channels with other agencies via chat, email, AVL, and Alert Broadcasts

Much like InterOp CAD, InterOp Mobile CAD for Fire/EMS works to speed up the process of requesting aid during emergencies. Our Fire/EMS version of InterOpCAD is designed to call in the proper emergency vehicles for any call requesting medical assistance or fire aid. Dispatchers can communicate with police and also leverage the mobile version to get Fire/EMS involved right away. Communication is streamlined, which allows an open flow of information in real time. 

  • Implement Call for Service (silent dispatch) Unit Management to immediately request Fire/EMS backup
  • Integrated mobile unit AVL
  • Generate comprehensive reports in-platform
  • Communicate cross channel with police, fire, and EMS from a single platform
  • Use mapping and geo-location to pinpoint an address and send units to it

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