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Vault for Digital Evidence Management

Revolutionizing How Multimedia Evidence is Stored and Shared

i3 Public Sector’s Digital Evidence Management (DEM) software, Vault, is changing the way attorneys and courts handle multimedia evidence files. Our DEM system can be leveraged from discovery through trial and beyond to facilitate the storage, sharing, and playback of video, audio, image, text, and other common file types.

Easily Share and Playback Multimedia Evidence in Court

Historically, one of the most challenging aspects of court cases has been evidence management. Each case can have hundreds of exhibits to sort through, and multiple parties need access throughout the process. i3 Public Sector’s Digital Evidence Management software is revolutionizing the process by transitioning to a digital environment. Our system allows any authorized party to upload, organize, store, share and playback files from a single platform. Rather than having to wait to access the single hardcopy version of a document, our solution permits multiple users to view the digital copy anytime, anywhere. Because all files are stored digitally, we have also changed the way evidence is presented in court. Gone are the days of bringing in TVs, VCRs, DVD players, cassette players, and other devices. With the i3 Digital Evidence Management solution, all files can be displayed or played from a laptop. There’s less hassle and less time wasted dealing with out-of-date technology.

Vault Features and Benefits


Vault is designed to be accessible on multiple devices and offers easy uploading for files of any size and format to instantly create a centralized case file. With Vault, users can access files from anywhere and make notes to help during discovery. All interactions with a file are tracked via automatic audit log to eliminate chain of custody questions. Once a trial begins, Vault can be used to playback videos and audio clips, with optional add-ons to redact and transcribe as needed.

  • No file size or user limitations
  • Compatible with many common formats including .mp3, .mp4, .mov, .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .docx, .wav, and more.
  • Supports physical evidence documentation
  • In-platform notation options for personal or shared use
  • Secure sharing internally and externally backed by encryption
  • Optional redaction and transcription capabilities

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