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Motor Vehicle

Software for the Management & Maintenance of All Vehicles on the Road

i3 Public Sector is dedicated to providing a wide range of Motor Vehicle software solutions to aid dealers, drivers, and government agencies. Our solutions can be integrated with existing systems, implemented as a standalone item, or packaged together for a more comprehensive product suite.  

Motor Vehicle Solutions You Can Count On

Managing the processes associated with motor vehicles can be a hefty task for states and agencies to take on. To protect the public, it’s crucial these processes are performed accurately every time to ensure only registered and approved drivers and vehicles make it out on the road. The i3 Public Sector Motor Vehicle family of software is comprised of a series of products designed with issuing agencies in mind. Our software works to digitize processes and automatically check for accuracy. With i3, you can feel confident the necessary documentation for motor vehicle processing is completed without taking up valuable resources. 

The Motor Vehicle Suite


Vehicle Title and Registration System (VTRS) is a fully integrated real-time motor vehicle software solution that modernizes your state’s motor vehicle title and registrations. The system will decrease errors, enhance inventory control and reconciliation, electronically manage paper documents, and provide detailed financial reporting.   

  • Handle vehicle registration and titling digitally in real time
  • Quickly verify insurance and ability to verify via online verification
  • Integrate with NMVTIS
  • Streamline inventory management with a comprehensive user dashboard
  • Track inventory from creation to sale/destruction
    • Access both centralized issuance of inventory and traditional inventory issuance as well as a hybrid version of both models
  • Utilize a built-in point-of-sale system for immediate transactions and financial and inventory reconciliation
  • Print registrations and temporary drive-out tags on-demand from the office
  • Reconcile funds in just minutes with minimal manual entry
  • Process all major credit cards to provide convenient payment options to customers
  • Protect valuable data with extensive disaster recovery capabilities

i3 Public Sector’s Electronic Insurance Verification System (EIVS) software is built and designed according to the IICMVA (Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration) model. EIVS offers a user-friendly website for non-compliant customers to easily pay fines, sign affidavits electronically, and validate insurance, making the process seamless.  

  • Reliably validate insurance with web services and insurance company full book of business
  • Create and send customized notification and status letters to clients for a professional finish 
  • Improve registered constituents access to their data through a user-friendly website
  • Empower law enforcement to verify insurance on-the-go 
  • Free up valuable staff resources and drastically improve turnaround time
  • Utilize built-in reporting features to monitor progress and success­­
  • Enhanced dashboards to track insurance verification rates across your jurisdiction

The EZ Tag program streamlines the issuance of Drive-Out Tags by providing print-on-demand temporary tags. This program eliminates hand-written tags, forms, and logbooks by replacing them with print-on-demand tags, real-time audit logs, and multiple reporting interfaces. EZ Tag software allows customization to meet each state’s regulations with the capability to issue various Drive-Out Tag types.  

  • Customize tags to meet unique state requirements
  • Look up tag information in real time to obtain data on demand
  • Print durable temporary tags from within the office
  • Improve the auditing process with automatic history logs
  • Generate comprehensive reports in-platform to get information when and where you need it 
  • Reprint temporary tags in office, or issue extensions without contacting a third party
  • Provide support for vehicles, motorcycles, public transportation, internet outage, and more

Motor Vehicle Data Services (MVDS) is a secure and comprehensive system automating abandon vehicle processing and real time information requests for authorized users.  MVDS allows authorized users to query a vehicle via VIN and/or plate number, to retrieve vehicle and registrant information, check if a vehicle is stolen, and show if lienholder information exists.

  • Provide authorized users with motor vehicle records to verify if the vehicle has a lien, if the vehicle has a stolen stop, etc.
  • Process abandoned vehicles quickly and accurately within the MVDS platform to begin an abandon vehicle request and determine if a vehicle has a stolen stop
  • Quickly identify stolen vehicles to help return them to their rightful owners
  • Authorize user approval per jurisdiction
  • Manage employees with built-in administrative interface
  • Set parameters for how users are charged – per search via credit card or by ACH  monthly
  • Approve accounts and upload critical documents with just a few clicks 

We aligned the strengths of our core technology, data integration, and motor vehicle programs to build the Integrated Plate and Registration Inventory Management E-Suite, iPRIME. This advanced and comprehensive solution provides centralized fulfillment of inventory. The system is easily customized to meet jurisdictional regulations and enhance existing workflows. The iPRIME solution uses embedded, dynamic data display dashboards to visualize comprehensive inventory management analytics electronically. 

  • Centrally fulfill inventory to customers through direct mail by interfacing with our Title and Registration system, or other existing systems
  • View inventory management data by state, district, or single location
  • Update the status for all license plates and registration documents in real-time to provide the most accurate information 
  • View production status by plate class, design group, or individual items in real-time
  • Generate daily production and management summary reports to keep track of how things are going within the organization
  • View enhanced SLA reports to ensure plates and registrations are being mailed to customers within agreed timeframes

Dealer™ is a browser-based dealer licensing and registration solution that helps motor vehicle departments manage dealer licensing, permitting, records, revocations, audits, and reporting from a single platform. To keep the system accessible, dealers are setup as if they are satellite offices and granted pre-authorized access per guidelines set forth by the jurisdiction. 

  • Collect, reconcile, and distribute cash drawer financial revenue with minimal manual work
  • Confidently manage inventory and inventory issuance 
  • Provide hassle-free navigation to all users to promote more frequent and accurate visits to the platform
  • Integrate with new and existing solutions to create an end-to-end digital system
  • Configure according to your jurisdiction’s requirements and expectations 

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