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Regulatory Licensing Software Solutions

Centralize All Functions for Fees, Licenses, and Taxes

The i3 Public Sector Regulatory Licensing solution allows municipalities to print certificates on demand. Our software also handles permitting, including the ability to pay permit fees online. Regulatory Licensing is a key role for all jurisdictions, so our software is designed to streamline all the processes involved in keeping licenses on track.

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Helping Government Entities Protect the Public

Licenses and permits are in place to keep communities safe. All major construction, demolition, and remodels require a permit to prevent untrained, unauthorized individuals from potentially putting the public at risk through unsafe building practices. When it comes to Regulatory Licensing, governments must grant permission to perform any actions related to laws, statutes, and regulations. By creating a simpler way for the government to approve requests and distribute permits/licenses, our solutions prevent delays in projects important for the well-being of the community.

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Regulatory Licensing

The i3 Public Sector Regulatory Licensing Solution streamlines fees, licenses, and taxes while including all of the functions a jurisdiction needs. Any basic certificates required can be printed directly from this module, including serialized licenses. In addition, we have Permitting solutions to allow customers to make payments to their account online. The Permitting solution integrates seamlessly with utility billing, permits, and inspections as well as the fees, taxes, and licenses software. 

  • Generate premise certificates on demand to help reduce delays typically seen in the permitting process
  • Grant digital permits for construction, zoning, remodels, demolition, and more from one system
  • Draw up serialized licenses as needed without needing to go through a third party or additional software
  • Set up configurable payment cycles to collect and pay funds on time, every time

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