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Electronic Bench Software

Digital Bench Tools For Judges

i3 Public Sector’s e-bench software works to assist judges in real time from the bench. Our solution supports evidence viewing, case search, historical recall, eSigning, and so much more to give judges access to everything they need at any point in a trial.

An All-Access Pass From The Bench

Judges have a lot to handle during trials. They need to pay close attention to every detail, and ultimately come to a decision. Even the most experienced judges will tell you they can’t keep track of everything without help – how could they? i3 Public Sector brings you aiSMARTBENCH, a digital bench tool designed by judges, for judges, to give access to anything and everything they need. e-Bench technology is transforming courtrooms by allowing judges to call up information in real time. This reduces delays and can shorten trials dramatically. From a single platform on a tablet or laptop, judges can access evidence, case documents, archived cases, laws and legal documents, forms, requests, dockets, schedules, and more.

The i3 e-Bench Solution


aiSMARTBENCH is built on a platform that, for over 15 years, has managed high volumes of scanned documents. This platform is critical to executing split-second, full-text searches of even scanned documents. aiSMARTBENCH is an efficient means for routing eSigned documents and filing information without manual intervention. eSigned orders are routed via the eFiling Portal and then docketed into the Case Management System. This paperless pathway from court system to case system reduces docketing time and eliminates the staff cost of handling, storing, and securing of paper orders. 

  • Grant judges real-time access to all docket images, court rulings, case data, and databases from the bench
  • Automate the capture of in-courtroom data and court order generation to reduce manual entry work
  • Quickly find a specific area of a document with high-speed, full-text searches
  • Find related cases with one click via the related case research tool
  • Automatically capture information from images and transcribe it into consumable text format
  • Allow judges to personalize their dashboard to display the information they care most about in a way that makes sense to their method of work

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