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Utility Reporting and Analytics Software

Instantly Generate Comprehensive Reports

In the dynamic landscape of utility management, staying informed and agile is essential. With i3 Public Sector, our Utility Reporting and Analytics software empowers companies to maintain control by tracking progress and capitalizing on emerging trends. Our platform enables utility companies to effortlessly generate an array of reports on demand, ensuring answers are readily available when and where they are needed. Our user-friendly tools offer high configurability, drawing from both archived and up-to-the-minute data sources to provide a complete 360-degree organizational perspective. Stay ahead of the curve with our robust reporting and analytics solutions.

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Easily Track Important Metrics with i3 Public Sector

The utility industry is ever-changing due to the nature of the products and services offered. Rates of consumption can fluctuate month to month and year to year. In order to get a solid understanding of what’s happening, it’s important to review data. i3 Public Sector believes reporting shouldn’t take hours, so we’ve developed software to generate comprehensive reports in just a few clicks. View data from meters, calculate consumption rate and cost, check account status, and view customer interactions. We put the power in your hands so you can make informed decisions that will benefit your organization.

The Reporting and Analytics Suite

eAMI provides utilities with real-time information to measure, manage and take full advantage of their AMI deployment and subsequent meter reads. Ensure AMI meters are operating properly and the correct information is provided to customers in as little as 3-4 months. With our integration Gateway, easily integrate with other systems including AMI meters, Meter Data Management, Customer Information Systems, Work Order Management Systems, and Outage Management Systems. 

  • Perform in-platform KPI reporting on user-friendly dashboards
  • Set up automatic notifications when meter reads are not received or exceed thresholds
  • Receive meter data element updates for a customized experience with accurate information
  • View historical data and usage history to find trends and areas of opportunity

eAdmin revolutionizes the way utility users interact with their services, placing control at their fingertips from a single central location. This comprehensive console utilizes built-in analytics to provide utilities with valuable insights into customer interactions. It enables utilities to monitor which features and functionalities customers are engaging with, facilitating ongoing enhancements to the self-service platform. The system’s versatility allows for content updates and seamless application management, ensuring that customers receive a consistent message across multiple channels.

  1. Streamline operations with centralized administrative content management.
  2. Enable customers to submit requests online, reducing phone traffic and customer support inbox congestion.
  3. Track customer engagement to ensure their needs and expectations are consistently met.
  4. Use configurable functions to adapt to evolving customer needs and nurture positive customer relationships.
  5. Stay well-informed about investments and customer activity with on-demand, real-time reporting.

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