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Integrate i3 Public Sector Solutions to Build Unique and Complete Systems

With over a century of combined Public Sector experience, the i3 Verticals team understands how critical it is to design software that can be used with other business systems to improve efficiency, and accessibility. We pride ourselves on the integration capabilities of every product we offer, and we work with customers to find the most streamlined path to success. Often, that path involves multiple integrations, either with other i3 Verticals products, or third-party software.  

Internal (i3 Verticals) Government Integrations 

i3 Public Sector caters to five sub-verticals within Government; Transportation, Utilities, Justice, Public Safety, and ERP. We have a range of products and services under each, so we’ve developed integration capabilities to unify portfolios. Many customers take advantage of the connectivity of our software because it allows them to implement a wide-reaching, comprehensive system under a single contract and with a single provider.  


We also create internal government integrations with multiple agencies or departments to improve communication channels. For example, we offer a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system for Law Enforcement, and a separate system for Fire and EMS. Integration between the police and fire department is seamless and helps expedite the exchange of information during emergencies. Other common examples include our ERP solutions, which can help regulate the flow of data from one branch of an organization to another.  

External (Third-Party) Government Integrations 

Many Government agencies have some kind of software solution in place when they begin working with us. We’ve developed integration capabilities that extend to non-i3 Vertical products to help organizations get the most out of their partnership with us. We don’t believe in working in silos, so whenever we can make data accessible to external systems, we will do so.  


By connecting to systems you already have in place, we fill in the gaps without disrupting your usual business. All data can be shared between systems to prevent duplicate entries and human error. Government agencies are responsible for a lot of sensitive information, and our goal is to make managing it all as simple and streamlined as possible.   

The Benefits of Robust Integration Capabilities 

We’ve already discussed a few benefits of working with i3 Public Sector throughout this blog, but let’s look at a few more: 

  • Data Accuracy: by reducing the number of times staff must input data (or eliminating it entirely with intelligent capture), all information stored and used within business systems is guaranteed to be accurate. For organizations with multiple teams or departments, this means everyone has access to the same data to base decisions on.  


  • Less Disruption: Government agencies don’t have time to put projects on hold to implement new digital systems. i3 Public Sector’s integrations can be set up quickly, with minimal interruption. You can get a new software solution without overhauling all the work your team has already done so they can continue working with the systems they know. 


  • All-In-One Support: specifically for i3 Verticals integrations, our team can be a one-stop-shop for support. We manage all integrations and products, so when something goes awry, you can work with a single team to get the entire system back up and running.  


  • Automated Workflows: integration capabilities allow organizations to set up automated workflows for common tasks. This can reduce turnaround time, improve productivity, and cut out tedious manual steps that slow down the process. Staff can trust the system to take care of backend work while they focus on other aspects of the project.  


  • Cost Savings: save money by saving time. Integrations can take over tasks traditionally done by employees, making projects faster and giving you more out of your staff resources. You can also save money by avoiding costly mistakes often associated with manual data entry and sharing.  

With more agencies than ever relying on digital systems to accomplish goals, Government integrations are critical. i3 Public Sector is proud to offer flexible integration capabilities with nearly all products and services.


To learn more about the integrations we support, please contact the team, or visit 

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