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Introducing i3 Verticals Public Sector: Transportation Software Solutions

Our world is constantly changing, using more and more technology in everything we do from communicating with each other, to getting our news, to conducting financial transactions. 


i3 Verticals is a leader in software solutions in many key industries. We deliver scalable, smart, solutions to multiple verticals that help organizations and communities thrive. Our products from the Public Sector focus on Government organizations to streamline processes, make transactions easier,  and improve customer experience.  


Public Sector is a multifaceted vertical, so in this series, we will focus on our product offerings associated with each aspect within the Public Sector. We will begin with transportation software solutions, a key component in helping the public, Governmental Agencies, and fleet managers conduct business.  


Transportation Software Solutions at a Glance 

Transportation agencies at each level of government work closely with other agencies, and also directly with the public. We focus on providing highly valued services  to consumers and these agencies. i3 Verticals is proud to offer a large (and ever-growing) portfolio of integrated solutions to  organizations and consumers alike to improve efficiency, provide convenience to customers, and enhance security measures. Here is a brief summary of the solutions we offer. 

  • Motor Vehicle Services: This consists of multiple solutions that can stand alone or work together to create a fully integrated system. These products all help drivers and dealers handle the traditional paperwork related to vehicles, licensing, titling, information gathering, and more.  Here are some of our core products: 
    • Vehicle Title and Registration System (VTRS): Modernizes the state’s motor vehicle title and registration process.
    • Electronic Insurance Verification System (EIVS): Reliably validates insurance electronically and allows drivers to pay fines online. 
    • EZ Tag: Issues Drive-Out Tags in real-time with on-demand printing from car dealerships. 
    • Motor Vehicle Data Services (MVDS): Automates abandoned vehicle processing and requests for information. 
    • Integrated Plate and Registration Inventory Management E-Suite (iPrime): Centrally fulfills license plates for customers through direct mail by interfacing with other systems. 
    • Dealer: Greatly eases dealer licensing, permitting, records, revocations, audits, and reporting from a single digital platform. 
  • Motor Carrier Services: Is designed to facilitate the management registering fleets of vehicles, apportioning fuel tax, routing of oversize or overweight, and other functions.   Here are some of our core products:
    • International Registration Plan (IRP): Facilitates the international registration process for individual and fleets of vehicles, and ease the tasks of establishing  new accounts, supplements, and renewals.
    • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA): Gathers carrier and fuel-specific information including miles traveled, gallons used, and taxes paid to adhere to the International Fuel Tax Agreement.
    • Permitting and Automated Routing System (PARS): Streamlines oversize/overweight vehicle permitting and while generating safe travel routes
    • CVIEW: Is a repository for information that provides officials with critical information for registering, renewing, and issuing credentials to carriers and vehicles. It also allows roadside law enforcement to quickly ascertain if a carrier or vehicle is in compliance with safety and credentialing rules helping to keep unsafe vehicles off the road and save lives. 
  • Driver Licensing and Permitting: i3 Verticals has a solution specifically to aid transportation departments in issuing driver licenses and initiating background checks to keep others on the road safe.  
    • Driver Licensing: Automatically initiate the collection of license applicant information from federal databases and automatically complete background checks from Social Security, Immigration, AAMVA, EVVE, and more 
  • Mobile Experience: With the growing expectation for mobile access, i3 Verticals created  transportation software solutions that allow for on the road, mobile access to facilitate the need for documents in real time via a smartphone or tablet.  This includes the ability to  instantly access and renew digital registrations, insurance verification, and vehicle recalls from a convenient, free mobile app. 
  • Online Training and Content Management: Provides training and document utilities in the form of configurable, interactive online modules complete with assessments. 
  • Self Service and Payment and Kiosks: These solutions provide cost effective and straight forwards  methods for customers to take control of their needs where and when they need to.  

As you can see, i3 Verticals offers an array of transportation solutions for both governmental agencies and the public. Our software is backed by unmatched security and award-winning support to help our customers feel confident in their decision to go digital.


If you are interested in learning more about any of these solutions, or if you would like to discuss which options are best for your organization, please reach out to the i3 team. We look forward to speaking with you.  

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