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Introducing i3 Verticals Public Sector: ERP Software Solutions

Our world is constantly changing, using more and more technology in everything we do from communicating with each other, to safeguarding our property, to conducting financial transactions. Information is the key to success, regardless of industry.


Organizations large and small are turning to integrated ERP solutions to assist with critical back-end data management. The i3 Verticals ERP solutions automatically share data with fund accounting systems to provide business leaders with the information they need to make important business decisions.i3 Verticals is a leader in software solutions in many key industries. We deliver scalable, smart, solutions to multiple industries that help organizations and communities thrive. Our products from the Public Sector focus on Government organizations to streamline processes, make transactions easier, and improve customer experience. Our software can be found in organizations of all sizes across the country, with new systems being implemented regularly.


Public Sector is a multifaceted vertical, so in this series, we will focus on our product offerings associated with each aspect within the Public Sector. We have previously discussed solutions for Transportation, Utilities, JusticeTech, and Public Safety, and now we are moving on to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software 

ERP Software Solutions at a Glance 

Organizations across verticals rely on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to help accomplish key backend tasks. ERP takes the hassle out of managing various assets and ensures data is accurate. The i3 Verticals ERP software solutions are trusted across the nation in organizations large and small. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help governments, businesses, and non-profits thrive in today’s fast-paced environment.  

  • Appraisal & Tax: The i3 Verticals Appraisal & Tax solution leverages revolutionary technology to aid in the appraisal of properties and the collection of real/personal property taxes. Both processes can be done 100% digitally to improve turnaround time and accuracy of data. The Appraisal module features an accurate valuation engine for calculating property taxes in your area to ensure your valuation reflects the real-time market. Track account data, automatically calculate adjusted tax bills, perform inquiries, and more from a single, accessible platform.  


  • Financial Management: The Financial Management software solution is a comprehensive system helping to aid in streamlining finance-centric processes. i3 has developed a solution for all types of organizations across any vertical. Our Financial Management solution is an all-in-one fund accounting, payroll, and human resources tool backed by top security measures and guaranteed to promote greater productivity. The system aligns with all Governmental Accounting Standards Board requirements to ensure all payments are legal, compliant, and recognized.  


  • Human Capital Management The i3 Verticals Human Capital Management solution works as a digital, centralized database for all HR processes. It works with your current systems to reduce human error, free up valuable staff resources, and provide more accurate information. With i3’s Human CapiitalCapital Management solution, your organization ensures timely payments, up-to-date employee information, and increased transparency. Store files, access employee information, handle payroll, and track employment numbers, all from one place.  


  • Land Records Management: With the i3 Verticals Land and Official Records Management solution, you can digitize record keeping to improve access, security, and longevity. Our Land Records system is configurable and can be integrated with new and existing systems to build a true end-to-end solution that works for you. Built-in features include automated indexing and redaction, eRecording, and integrated credit card processing.   


  • Regulatory Licensing: The Regulatory Licensing software solution streamlines fees, licenses, and taxes associated with licensing. The systems allows users to apply, renew, and print  licenses directly from their office.. In addition to individual professional licensing, our Regulatory solution also accommodates business licensing and permitting. Our complete solution allows customers to make payments directly online and encourages faster fee collection.  


  • Revenue Management: Our Revenue Management software is 100% browser-based and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. We provide ways for the public to pay fees through their preferred method to encourage timely payments. Notifications can be set up to let users know when a payment is due, and can be paid via credit, debit, or eCheck. With a built-in fee per transaction, the system is entirely user-funded.  

As you can see, i3 Verticals offers an array of ERP software solutions for both employees and the public. Our software is backed by unmatched security and award-winning support to help all of our customers feel confident in their decision to go digital.


If you are interested in learning more about any of these solutions, or if you would like to discuss which options are best for your organization, please reach out to the i3 team. We look forward to speaking with you.  

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