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Introducing i3 Verticals Public Sector: Public Safety Software Solutions

Our world is constantly changing, using more and more technology in everything we do from communicating with each other, to safeguarding our property, to conducting financial transactions. Law Enforcement has seen many changes over the years as technology becomes more crucial than ever in solving crimes, protecting communities, and monitoring records.  


i3 Verticals is a leader in software solutions in many key industries. We deliver scalable, smart, solutions to multiple industries that help organizations and communities thrive. Our products from the Public Sector focus on Government organizations to streamline processes, make transactions easier, and improve customer experience. Our software can be found in Law Enforcement agencies of all sizes across the country, with new systems being implemented regularly.  


Public Sector is a multifaceted vertical, so in this series, we will focus on our product offerings associated with each aspect within the Public Sector. We have previously discussed solutions for Transportation, Utilities, and JusticeTech, and now we are moving on to Public Safety software for Law Enforcement.  

Public Safety Software Solutions At A Glance 

Law Enforcement and associated agencies are the glue holding communities together. Police protect the public, and agencies ensure communities are receiving the care and support they need to thrive. i3 Verticals has developed software solutions for police and their associates that combine the power of innovative technology with the unmatched security measures. Our solutions can be implemented in individual agencies or across multiple for a truly comprehensive system. Here’s a brief overview of our offerings.  


  • ComputerAided Dispatch: Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems aid first responders in getting help out to the communities as quickly and efficiently as possible. CAD can ease the strain on dispatchers by leveraging technology to pinpoint call location, e-dispatch the appropriate units, and communicate between departments.  
    • InterOp CAD: Connect dispatch to units on the ground across multiple agencies, share location and mapping, and keep dispatchers organized with customizable layouts.  
    • InterOp Mobile CAD for Fire/EMS: Empower dispatch units to contact police,  within fire, and EMS services to communicate with dispatch in seconds to drastically improve response times and accuracy for emergencies.  
  • Records and Database Management: The i3 Verticals Records and Database Management system (RMS) compiles all relevant data into a single location to allow your team to access all documents easily. By consolidating data, it’s easier than ever for team members across departments to access the same information to prevent miscommunication and siloed data.
    • InterOp RMS: Consolidate storage, take reports, and track intelligence/suspects from a single platform. Many common data formats are supported and can be stored securely within the system.  
    • CriminNet: Grant authorized users access to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database and notify the FBI when key events happen. Report identifying information about stolen or lost vehicles, boats, guns, and articles directly to NCIC in just minutes. CriminNet can be tightly integrated with InterOp RMS to transmit warrant data directly from InterOp RMS to the CrimiNnet database with one click. 


  • Jail Management i3 Verticals’ Jail Management System (InterOp JMS) is a software solution designed to aid staff in submitting and organizing data to be reviewed and shared by others with the department. InterOp JMS leverages powerful technology to shorten staff to-do lists by assisting with booking individuals, capturing digital mugshots, retrieving fingerprints, managing inmates, monitoring release eligibility, and filing Incident Reports. Inmate tracking can be done digitally, with individual inmates managed according to specific needs. 


  • Mobile Experience: Police need access to critical information on-the-go to provide the fastest response possible. i3 Verticals has developed InterOp Mobile, a solution that enables officersLaw Enforcement to accomplish tasks from anywhere. The system provides law enforcement with seamless NCIC access, backup all files with CJIS security, map other units, chat with dispatch and other officers, and generate eTickets on demand.  


  • Criminal Processing: Processing criminals is a key function of Law Enforcement. Using traditional methods, this process can be slow and tedious, so i3 Verticals created an innovative system to improve turnaround time and accuracy of data entry, InterOp LiveScan. Through the system, easily capture both criminal and civil applicant data and fingerprints digitally from anywhere, import/export demographic data from a local Jail Management System, submit responses to federal databases, and easily capture rolled prints digitally. 


  • Community Safety: The ultimate goal of Law Enforcement is to protect the communities they serve. We developed Public Safety software solutions with an emphasis on Community Safety to help first responders take care of the public with the help of technology. SafeEncounter is a Community Safety Database designed to Encourage the public to create profiles for vulnerable loved ones so all important information (description, photos, medical conditions, emergency contacts) is available should they go missing or become involved in a crisis situation.  

 i3 Verticals offers an array of Public Safety solutions for both governmental agencies and the public. Our software is backed by unmatched security and award-winning support to help our customers feel confident in their decision to go digital. If you are interested in learning more about any of these solutions, or if you would like to discuss which options are best for your organization, please reach out to the i3 team.


We look forward to speaking with you.  


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