Cloud Court Solutions

JusticeTech® is a complete, cloud-based court management solution. Use the wheel to navigate the products.

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Guiding Principles


The future of enterprise computing is the cloud. The benefits of utilizing the cloud versus managing servers and datacenters are well known and undeniable. It is very difficult for government agencies to provide application hosting that meets the rapidly expanding needs of a modern court and their customer’s. The cloud solves these problems and allows the agency’s technical team to focus on the application instead of the infrastructure.
Government agencies have been slower to adopt the cloud than many commercial organizations. This is understandable considering the value and sensitivity of the data and the need for rock-solid security. The advances in cloud security, reduced costs, and the ever-expanding need to provide better customer service have created a tipping point for all government agencies to strategically utilize the cloud for running their most critical applications. Use of the cloud is no longer an option – it is an imperative. JusticeTech utilizes only the best cloud service providers that are designed for massive scalability and meet the most stringent security requirements. Deployment of a JusticeTech system is fully automated, so a solution can be created or upgraded in minutes.


JusticeTech protects your data. Security is a primary consideration in all government applications today. The number and scale of reported security breaches is frightening. The complexity of securing web-based systems is overwhelming. The cloud makes it possible for government agencies with limited budgets to deploy applications adhering to the highest levels of security, audit and backup standards.
For security reasons we cannot share all the details of our security capabilities, suffice to say we’re conformant with industry standards, such as StateRamp, NIST 800-53, and FBI CJIS. More information about our security will be provided upon request.


Courts vary in size, case volume, and the complexity of their workflow processes. Case types also vary greatly in their complexity and the amount of data that needs to be managed. JusticeTech is designed to be highly configurable, so that it can handle a wide variety of courts and case types.
Configurability allows changes to be made to a process with a few clicks, instead of costly programming. It also allows the court staff to self-manage their solution reducing third-party vendor costs. Configurability allows many courts to use the same software, which reduces costs per court, and prevents the system from obsolescence.

Deployment Speed / Time to Value

Many court systems today are just too expensive. One of the most significant factors in this high cost is the effort and duration required to deploy and support the solution. Due to its cloud-first nature and configurability JusticeTech is intended to be deployed quickly. The JusticeTech team believes that a solution for most courts can be deployed in weeks instead of months or years.
We pride ourselves on a dramatically lower “Time to Value”. TTV is a measure of the time required for the customer to begin to receive a return on their investment. JusticeTech is not for everyone. We are not like other vendors. Because of our focus costs and TTV, we do not say “yes” to everything. JusticeTech includes all of the core capabilities required by courts, however some customer requirements are too unique to fit into a solution like JusticeTech, and therefore we believe it is better to be honest with clients. If you’re looking for a highly customized CMS, then JusticeTech may not be the solution for you. If, however, you’re looking for a best-in-class configurable solution that is affordable, then JusticeTech is your best option.

User Experience

It is not difficult to build a web-based system that performs a particular function, but it is difficult to build an enterprise web-based system that performs functions in an intuitive way, with consistency throughout its many interfaces.
The JusticeTech design team leverages third-party experts in UI/UX to ensure that users have an intuitive and efficient experience. We use a user-centric design approach where we are constantly leveraging user feedback to improve our user interfaces and ultimately this improves the customer experience and value.

Mobile / Public Access

The best government agencies recognize that the public is their most important customer. Providing access to the public is a critical feature of JusticeTech. Citizens demand for access to “their” data continues to grow. This trend is driven by the rise in mobile computing, and it is well know that more than 80% of web traffic on most sites is coming from mobile devices.
JusticeTech includes mobile devices in the design of all of our user interfaces. Our use of mobile is more than just for browsing to web pages, in many instances our approach is to provide specific apps and sites that leverage the unique capabilities of today’s modern smartphone.