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Committed to supporting State and Local governments in meeting the increasingly dynamic needs of their constituents, i3 Verticals is proud to serve as a certified Texas DIR contract holder. Outlining our partnership, this contract establishes i3 Verticals as the provider of Texas DIR’s enterprise solution and on-going maintenance efforts, including data migrations, integrations and trainings that safeguard government efficiency, mobility, compliance efforts, reporting capabilities and an upmost regard for constituent satisfaction.

The products listed in the TX DIR response (DIR‐TSO‐TMP‐416) are manufactured by i3 Verticals on the OnBase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform.

Product and Service Specifications

Under DIR Contract DIR-TSO-4392, i3 Verticals offers its own brand of software and services for electronic document management, case management, document migration, automated workflow and several other digital business process management tools. Through i3 Verticals’ solutions, professional services and training classes, customers are supported with solution deployment, data migration and interfaces, hosting, and ongoing technical support maintenance.

i3 Verticals solutions are deployed at local and state government levels to reduce and/or completely eliminate paper, automate processing, securely and centrally store and manage records, and establish end-to-end enterprise content solutions enabling greater visibility and collaboration between all affiliated parties and constituents.

Pricing Information

Warranty and Return Policy

i3 Verticals software is covered by a 90-day warranty, which can be read in full detail on the End User License Agreement (EULA).

More Information on the Texas DIR Contract

For more information on the Texas DIR Cooperative Contract, please read here


Please contact Toni Smith for obtaining quotes and placing purchase orders:

Email: [email protected]
(248) 948-8100 x255

For all Purchase Orders and Quotes, please include the contract number:

  • DIR-TSO-4392 for Software and Professional Services or
  • DIR-TSO-4378 for Hyland Software.