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i3 Public Sector’s Commitment to User Experience

Over the last several years, there has been a growing trend across all industries of customers expecting a better user experience (UX). For many, this means digital avenues to complete tasks, and overall mobile convenience. Government agencies across the US have had to undergo significant changes to better align with customer expectations. i3 Verticals is proud to be a helping hand to hundreds of state and local agencies looking to go digital. 


For over two decades, we’ve pledged to help organizations streamline processes and improve the user experience. Not only do we offer solutions for end users (i.e. customers), but we also improve the user experience for the staff we partner with. Our development team has gone above and beyond to prioritize UX. Today, let’s break down a few ways we guarantee convenience and ease of use. 

Mobile Accessibility 

The workforce is becoming increasingly more mobile, with many organizations offering work-from-home or hybrid options. Now that people have had the opportunity to work from anywhere, there’s an expectation to ensure flexible options moving forward. i3 Public Sector has made many of our solutions mobile-ready to allow staff access to the information they need from anywhere. Many of our solutions can be housed on the Cloud, making them available 24/7 from any authorized device. We empower Government agencies to access data on-the-go to accommodate the need for out of office work. We have a wide range of mobile-ready software solutions including (but not limited to): 

  • Payment Processing – to allow customers to make payments online 
  • uVisionPlus – for cloud-based utility billing 
  • InterOp Mobile – to empower Law Enforcement to perform tasks from patrol vehicles 
  • SafeEncounter – for providing officers access to databases of community members during emergencies 
  • Auto Assistance – to allow drivers to keep all important documentation in digital format, including insurance verification 

Easy Navigation 

Nothing is more frustrating than technology no one can use. When a system gets too complex or confusing, staff and customers won’t want to interact with it, making your investment fruitless. i3 Verticals ensures all platforms – online, mobile, or otherwise – are simple to navigate regardless of technical skill. Most of our software solutions involve point and click navigation options. Everything your staff needs is front and center, so there’s less time wasted hunting for different tools and pages. Most teams can master our products in just a few days or less! 

Customizable Dashboards 

In addition to default user-friendly navigation, i3 Public Sector offers a more customizable user experience through editable dashboards. Many of our products can be configured to best suit your organization’s needs.


Click and drag the metrics you want to see to the main dashboard and remove anything you check infrequently. Our reporting tools can also be customized to showcase the information you care about most, so you never have to go digging. Our team is happy to work with you during implementation to ensure the platforms are configured in a way useful to your entire team, so feel free to ask questions about layout and display options.  

Built-In Reporting 

In the spirit of streamlining, we’ve built reporting tools into most i3 Public Sector solutions to collect and store data. You can rely on one system rather than several to minimize data transit. Our reporting tools are comprehensive and customizable so you can mix and match relevant metrics. By incorporating reporting, we empower Government agencies to monitor their progress in near real-time. Teams appreciate the all-in-one aspect because it results in a cohesive user experience. In an industry where reports traditionally need to be requested from third-parties, i3 Verticals is changing the game and putting power back in your hands.  

Cross-Channel Communication 

What’s more convenient than eliminating duplicate data entry? With i3 Verticals solutions, integrations can be made to ensure data is only input once but shared between software, apps, and departments. Data can also be easily collected from internal or external databases and converted into consumable formats. By eliminating middlemen and manual processes, we help drastically reduce errors within data. Users can access and share information from a single platform and swiftly move on with their days. We provide open channels of communication between our own products and those you already leverage in your existing processes. Keep everything moving smoothly through the pipeline to keep your team and customers happy. 

The i3 Verticals team is constantly looking for new opportunities to improve the user experience. With help from industry insight, our developers continue to offer convenience and reliability Government agencies can count on. Big or small, your organization can thrive in the digital world without spending weeks training on new, complicated platforms.  


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