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Introducing i3 Verticals Public Sector: Utility Software Solutions

Our world is evolving to incorporate more technology into every aspect of our lives. Every industry has been impacted by changing tech, as have our personal interactions with companies, services, and products. i3 Verticals is a leader in software solutions across several key industries. We deliver scalable, smart software solutions across multiple industries to help organizations and communities thrive. Our products have made their way into the Public Sector to help Government organizations streamline processes and improve the customer experience.  

Public Sector is a multifaceted vertical, so in this series, we will be breaking down the products associated with each aspect of the overall industry. Last week, we discussed our transportation offerings, and now, let’s delve into i3’s utility software solutions. 


Utility Software Solutions at a Glance 

Utility providers keep everything running with the basic essentials we need – heat, water, energy, and more. Utility providers have a lot of tasks to accomplish every day, i3 Verticals has developed a range of solutions dedicated to helping streamline these processes. Our portfolio also includes software for the customer, ensuring convenient payment, on-demand information lookup, and more. 

  • Billing and Payments: Utilities are charged on a regular schedule, and maintaining the calendar can be challenging for providers and customers. The Billing and Payments software solutions help keep things on track and provide convenient, digital methods to make and process payments.
    • ePay: Validate accounts and routing in real-time, and instantly check balance/check history while receiving funds next-day 
    • uVisionPlus: Provide everything your business needs to manage and maintain customer accounts and billing in one place 
    • Payment Processing: Encourage faster payments by providing multiple ways to pay on a PCI-compliant solution 
  • AI Technology:
    • i3 Verticals is harnessing the latest AI technology to power our digital engagement platforms. AI-driven digital engagement aims to create more personalized, efficient, and effective interactions, leading to improved customer experiences and better business outcomes. We strive to provide our customers with superior software solutions and excellent customer service; while AI is a powerful tool, nothing is more essential than the relationships our teams build with our customers. 
  • Customer Experience: Utility customers expect ease of use and security when utilizing software to manage their accounts. i3 Verticals provides both, as well as, mobile readiness, unmatched support, and automatic notifications.
    • ePortal: Empower customers to monitor and compare utility usage, receive account notifications, and initiate services from their mobile device 
    • eIVRConnect: Replace traditional IVR systems by automating voice responses and seamlessly integrating multiple communication channels 
    • eNotify: Send customers real-time account updates for payments, billing, service requests, and more 
    • eNeighbor: Allow customers to compare usage and rates with other homes in the area to help them make informed decisions 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Utility providers need access to historical data to ensure trends are moving as intended. Reporting is crucial for individual accounts as well as entire areas, and i3 Verticals has the utility software solutions needed to generate reports on demand. 
    • eAMI: Provide the department with real-time information to measure, manage, and take full advantage of AMI deployment and meter reads 
    • eAdmin: Revolutionize the way utility users interact with their services by tracking customer interactions and adjusting systems to make them more appealing and user friendly  
  • Mobile Workforce: Utility providers are often on the road visiting customer properties to take readings and troubleshoot systems. In today’s modern world, it’s important to have utility software solutions in place that give workers all the tools they need at their fingertips.  
    • uManage: View, sort, search, and complete work orders from a smartphone with attached images and multi-point data validation 
    • uRead: Offer employees the ability to securely enter meter readings and record office messages from a smartphone or tablet 
  • Services: Many businesses prefer to do bill printing and mailing, and admin work, in-house to cut down on costs and keep control of the processes. However, for many organizations, an in-house process is not always feasible. i3 Verticals has found providing these services can be a perfect medium between in-house and outsourcing to suit your needs. 
    • Bill Printing and Mailing: Remain in control of the billing and mailing process, but offload the tedious backend work to i3 Verticals 
    • Managed Back Office: Take control of the entire billing cycle and receive payments faster and more securely 

As you can see, i3 Verticals offers an array of utility software solutions for both employees and the public. Our software is backed by unmatched security and award-winning support to help all of our customers feel confident in their decision to go digital.


If you are interested in learning more about any of these solutions, or if you would like to discuss which options are best for your organization, please reach out to the i3 team. We look forward to speaking with you.  

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