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Billing and Administration Services

Services to Aid with Back Office Processes

i3 Public Sector is proud to offer services in addition to our award-winning software. We understand administrative duties and bill management are important in any organization or business. We have incredible offerings intended to take the work off your plate without breaking the bank or taking control out of your hands.

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Full Admin Services You Can Count On

Many businesses prefer to do bill printing and mailing, and admin work, in house to cut down on costs and keep control of the processes. However, for many organizations, an in-house process is not always feasible due to the number of other tasks staff has to handle daily. i3 Public Sector has found a perfect medium between in-house and outsourcing to suit your needs. We offer administrative services run entirely by our team, but with regular input from you. You still have control, we simply help lighten the work load when it’s time to execute. We have decades of experience within our team, and we take pride in providing services your customers will come to count on. We are not an automated company, we truly care about your organization’s success and want to make sure your customer base is happy and cared for.

Our Services

Many utility offices consider doing their own in-house billing. However, due to costs and resource requirements, an in-house team is not the best option for all organizations. i3 Public Sector Bill Printing and Mailing is a digital alternative that puts the work in our hands instead of yours. Simply send us your files, and we will process, print, and mail them directly to your customers.

  • Store up to 12-months of usage history data for auditing, trend analysis, and more
  • Keep files protected and accessible in the cloud once they are sent out
  • Provide customers with bills on time, every time
  • Speed up the payment collection process with bar codes compatible with scanners
  • Separate current and delinquent accounts for easy organization and tracking
  • Add insert mailings and return envelopes for any mailing as needed 

Managed Back Office Administration (MBA) offers a full range of services throughout the billing cycle. Payments and billing will be up and running immediately after conversion. Bank deposits are made daily, and we process your customer’s payments and post them for you. If required, we inter-connect your data so that it is easily available to your staff. Checks and balances are in place, assuring you peace of mind and accuracy. 

  • Maintain an open line of communication with personnel for additional assistance
  • Receive assistance with delinquent letters and door tags from our team of experts
  • Generate and view bank statement reports on demand with the click of a button
  • Quickly implement the solution with minimal training needed
  • Feel confident when making payments thanks to automatic checks and balances
  • Customize your service to suit your organization’s exact needs and goals

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