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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Digitally transform paper-centric, manual processes and modernize essential business operations. You’ll save time, minimize errors and reduce costs all while eliminating the need to jump between multiple applications, spreadsheets and file shares.

Spend more time on the business and less time in it, shuffling all that paper.

Removing paper-based manual processes in these essential functional administrative areas helps drive compliance and consistency while increasing visibility, efficiency and accuracy. Keep staff engaged in knowledge work rather than dedicating time to tedious, labor-intensive tasks.



Our Solutions

Accounts Payable

Increase speed and accuracy while cutting costs and invoice cycle times.

Accounts Receivable

Provide finance staff with real-time insight, faster audits and fewer DSO.

Grants Management

Easily track and manage grant applications, fund distribution and utilization.

Human Resources

Streamline HR tasks with secure, seamless access to employee information.

Policies & Procedures

Ensure compliance and accurate retention with built-in data governance.


Simplify contract management: Speed reviews and approvals while reducing risk.

Let's Simplify the Business of Healthcare

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