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To A New Level

Our ISV partners get more than a great software solution with top-notch service. Our platform provides the integration, security and customization tools and services that enhance your customers’ payment environments – making your solutions so much more valued and trusted.

Our Partners

i3 Verticals partners with some of the best companies in the business to better serve our customers. A great company is built around great partnerships. We’re continually looking to expand our partner network in key areas.

Market Position

Our platform embeds intelligent APIs to commerce enable software delivering a seamless customer experience in high growth markets.

Markets Served

  • Strategic, scalable and addressable
  • Highly fragmented – several moving parts
  • Vertical expansion through commerce

Our Technology

Regardless of integration method or business intelligence delivery method, users can access complete transaction flow in real time. The enterprise business intelligence that’s delivered to our partners and their customers augment software solutions and provide significant value that’s singular in the industry.


We give our customers an Omni-Channel Access Engine, providing acceptance of all payment types through any payment channel. Included are industry leading features like Security First, Developer friendly, EMV Capable, Extensive Processor Certifications, Tokenized Card Storage and Enterprise ready.


Our second-to-none Business Intelligence Engine gives customers access to all payment data. With Insight, you will never lose data due to an outage. Our Business Analytics is driven by Metadata Payload design. While our reporting suite gives you a hierarchal view at ISV customer level and allows full customization.


Our unified API All-Access-Platform offers a single platform for all your processing needs including ACH, PayFac, and traditional merchant processing. Providing microservices such as Fund Distribution, Invoicing, Identity Management. With Burton, you have a powerful toolset with features like Hosted Payment and Tokenization, Event Management/Ticketing, Electronic Forms, and Municipal & Nonprofit Payments.

Unparalleled Business
Intelligence Reporting

  • Actionable Data
  • Full transaction lifecycle data with unique, partner commercial metadata
  • Dynamic Output Formats
  • Customer Portal
  • Scheduled Email Report
  • Webhooks
  • Dynamic Reporting API's
  • Deployment Options: Insight Bridge, White Label Customer Portal

Business Stack

By partnering with us to add payment functionality to your software applications, you’ll develop new revenue streams from your existing and new clients while improving the user experience!

Collaborative Approach to Pricing

  • Transparent & flexible
  • Our partners leverage our expertise
  • Revenue/Cost Modeling
  • Strategic Approach: Price for growth or price for revenue or a combination of both.
  • Ability to transact using a Service Fee Model


  • PCI Level 1 Certified Processor
  • Depending on method of integration, we can limit or remove you from PCI Scope
  • Integration removes your clients/entities from PCI Scope

Account Onboarding

  • Dedicated team tailors process for your needs and your clients’ needs
  • Digital Application
  • KYC Automation
  • Quick Approval and Installation
  • Automated process with support team

Revenue Sharing/Monetization

  • True Partnership Model
  • Transparent and flexible approach
  • Revenue sharing available for all card types and ACH transactions

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