The Right Partnership
Means Everything

We deliver software solutions to help our clients run their businesses better. Though our roots lay in payment processing, we now help our clients across many industries become more strategic in different parts of their business.

Elevate your business
to a new level.

Not only do we provide you with three expertly designed payment platforms that strengthen your offering, we give you back-office support and certainty of security while you provide your customer with an end-to-end solution.
Leverage our customized business strategy tailored specifically for partners that want to influence go-to-market pricing.

A Win for All.

We work with hundreds of ISOs across the nation to help clients handle payment processing in ways that truly benefit them. As our ISO partner, you’ll enjoy competitive solutions, processing options, freedom of choice, comprehensive support and vertically focused programs.
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Competitive Solutions

Exclusive Bill & Pay electronic invoicing pricing for i3 Verticals partners only. Plus our robust, cost effective Transafe gateway with seamless integration ensures you are on the cutting edge of payment processing.

Processing Options

Multiple platforms and sponsor banks including First Data Omaha, North, BuyPass and Nashville, as well as TSYS Sierra, Summit and TransIT.

Freedom of Choice

Multiple pricing options including compliant cash discount, surcharging and flat rate. Options to borrow, rent, lease or purchase equipment to find the best fit for your merchants.

Comprehensive Support

Complimentary statement analysis, automated notifications on your accounts, e-signature applications, real-time reporting and same day approvals – all of which allow you to focus on selling.

Vertically-Focused Programs

Specific programs for utilities, education, nonprofit, property management and event planning.

Hardware and Software
Value Added Resellers

Software Solutions
And Partners That Help.

Seamless Integration

We designed our products to smoothly integrate with your software through a simplified API that enables speed to market.
Reduce compliance and organize your strategy through a single platform that supports multiple processor end-points or offer an end-to-end solution including a full suite of merchant services for your valued customers.

Hassle-Free Installs

Our installation team performs installs at restaurants, hotels and retail shops in a timely manner and in convenient ways to keep business running smoothly. Not only do we put the hardware and software together, but we teach our clients how to use it. They can also take online courses to help with their learning.

24/7 Support

We offer around-the-clock helpdesk support to give clients peace of mind knowing problems can be addressed as they happen.

Merging Technology,
Software and Service.

We partner with leading-edge technology companies to design seamless, integrated solutions that make your merchant’s payment processing 100% painless.
Our strategic partners get more than a great payment platform technology with top-notch service, they receive commerce enabled solutions through connected and integrated services!
Our financial technology solutions provides the integration, security, and customization tools and services that enhance your customers’ payment environments, making your solutions so much more valued and trusted.

Interested in creating a powerful
partnership with us?

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