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Merging Technology, Software & Service

We partner with leading-edge technology companies to design seamless, integrated solutions. Our TranSafe Gateway provides integration, security, customization tools, and software services that enhance your customers’ environments, increasing value and trust for your solutions.


i3 Verticals offers robust developer’s tools to make integration easy. A dedicated integration support team and flexible APIs enable our partners to incorporate payments into their products to create a seamless, end-to-end solution.

We have an experienced, dedicated technology team on staff to assist our customers and guide you to the best integration methods for your software.
Our gateway closely integrates with multiple financial partners, allowing for high approval rates and more processing options.
Our stable, secure, compliant operating platform drives efficiency and provides solutions for customer retention.


i3 Verticals is here to add value to our partners’ solutions. We designed our technology for simple integrations but realize a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. That’s why our integration support team will walk you through the process of choosing the right solution for you and your customers.

Our Platform’s Core Benefits

Seamless Integration

We equip businesses of all kinds with the solutions to better track, process and manage a wide range of transactions. Our solutions are flexible and adaptable allowing both established and custom integration with other software. Plus, our cloud-based technology gathers all accompanying data, and communicates both directions between platforms.

Revenue Share
Earn generous commissions with residuals paid monthly on your customers’ merchant accounts.
Aggressive Pricing
Competitive pricing to generate new revenue streams for its partners.
Merchant Conversion
Simple process to convert your existing merchant portfolio.
High Approval Rates
Our platform closely integrates with multiple banking partners, allowing for high approval rates and more processing options.

Additional Features

Recurring Transaction Engine

Set a repeating schedule by customer and put recurring payments on autopilot. Our flexible scheduling engine allows you to choose payment timing, payment type, etc.

More Ways to Pay

Give customers electronic payment options beyond credit and debit cards, such as EBT, e-Check/ACH, Gift Loyalty, Purchasing Cards and Level 2 and 3 interchange clearing.

Virtual Terminal

Every merchant account gets access to our robust, cloud-based Virtual Terminal with PIN Debit transactions.


Full branding capabilities for increased company value.