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Revenue Cycle Management Software

Maximize the Recovery of Funds

i3 Public Sector has developed a suite of software solutions to aid in reaching case resolution and collecting revenue. Our solution is robust yet agile, making it ideal for courts of any size or type. We take the backend work out of collecting revenue, so your team can focus on other pressing tasks.

Facilitate Case Resolution Through Online Services

If legacy systems are slowing you down, turn to i3 Public Sector for Revenue Cycle Management solutions. We leverage powerful technology to help navigate defendants to case resolution. Our online-managed services are reliable and trusted across the U.S. Our platform supports automated notifications to defendants, payment processing, automated filings, batch payment, and more. We offer a true end-to-end solution in the hopes of reducing delays and helping your court handle more cases in less time.

Our Solution

Revenue Cycle Management

Our Revenue Cycle Management solution provides a suite of services managed online with a human-driven call center to aid in navigating a defendant to case resolution. Our Revenue Cycle Management software fully integrates with other i3 Public Sector Judicial Management solutions to maximize the recovery of funds. This tight integration streamlines the process to increase revenue while reducing your court’s workload. 

  • Receive automatic courtesy notices for cases in jeopardy of rolling into delinquent status, allowing staff not to worry about manually tracking accounts
  • Securely create and share defendant notices
  • Process payments via phone, online, and mailed money orders to promote faster turnaround 
  • Manage defendant payment plans to ensure payment collection while still respecting the defendant’s financial situation
  • Enjoy automated OMNI and NRVC filings without any manual tasks for staff
  • Automatically receive updates on collection activity for case records
  • Make and accept batch payments to streamline the process and get more cases squared away at once
  • Automate the SkipTracing process to track down those who owe money without using up valuable employee resources

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