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PlacePay’s Residential platform stands as a dedicated payment portal for residents and administrators. This versatile platform empowers residents and roommates to make rent payments according to their preferences, including options such as credit card, ACH, online, mobile app, and recurring payments.

Property Managers benefit from the flexibility to determine the processing fees strategy that suits them best. Whether it’s passing all fees to residents, covering a portion of the fees, or absorbing the entire cost, the choice is entirely yours. PlacePay puts control in the hands of property managers.

For most residents, rent is the only check they still write. PlacePay gives renters and roommates a modern way to pay rent that’s designed with their needs in mind. 

  • Online 
  • Mobile App 
  • Automatic Payments and Reminders 
  • With any credit card or bank account 
  • With roommates

Deposit how you wantNo matter what payment option your members choose (credit, debit, ach), you will receive a single deposit daily with a combined settlement detail report, along with an automatically emailed receipt. No confusion. No hassle. Simple.

Reduce trips to the bank with automatic deposits! 

  • Payments for different investor groups and holding companies can each go into separate accounts.  

Our fully dynamic fee architecture lets you decide what processing fees you pay or pass on. 

  • Pass all fees to your residents 
  • Cover part of the fees 
  • Cover all fees 
  • …it’s your choice 

PlacePay’s intuitive dashboard allows landlords to search real-time and historical reports on any mobile device or desktop. 

  • See who has paid how much and when 
  • See monthly breakdowns by unit, building, and invoice 
  • Reconcile your bank activities to see who has paid 

Easily create new invoices or add line items to existing invoices, including security deposits, pet fees, and utilities. 

  • Create one-time or recurring invoices 
  • Notify residents of changes automatically 
  • Track if an invoice has been paid or not 

Collecting late payments and holding residents accountable is no fun for anyone. make what happens next is as painless as possible. 

  • Set the amount you want to charge – percentage or dollar amount 
  • Adjust the cut off date 
  • Fee is automatically added to overdue invoices 

Let us take care of the reminders and making sure your residents pay on time. We send automated notifications before, at the time and after the rent is due. The best part? Our notifications keep you informed every step of the way, too. 

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