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Introducing i3 Verticals: JusticeTech Software Solutions

Our world is constantly changing, using more and more technology in everything we do from communicating with each other, to safeguarding our property, to conducting financial transactions. The justice system has seen many changes over the years as technology becomes more crucial than ever in solving crimes, timely processing of cases, providing online access to the public, and making payments.  

i3 Verticals is a leader in software solutions for justice. We deliver scalable, smart, solutions to courts and law enforcement that help organizations and communities thrive. Our products streamline processes, make transactions easier, and improve customer experience. Our JusticeTech software supports courts of all types and sizes across the country.  

JusticeTech Software Solutions At A Glance 

Courts and related justice agencies work closely with other government organizations, and directly with the public. We focus on providing highly valued services that improve processes and guarantee protection for the sensitive data managed by the justice system. Here is a brief summary of the software solutions we offer to courts and adjacent agencies.  

  • Case Management: The i3 Verticals Case Management System (CMS) software is unlike any other on the market. We support all case types from a single platform to help attorneys handle all cases easily. JusticeTech CMS is a configurable, reliable tool for justice system personnel looking to empty filing cabinets, centralize data storage, and migrate to a cloud environment. Easily upload, manage, review, and share case files and documents backed by top security measures.  
  • eFiling: TrueFiling is i3 Verticals’ eFiling software solution. TrueFiling is the web-based electronic court filing system providing an intuitive user interface for attorneys, paralegals, court reporters, and self-represented filers. eFiling drastically improves turnaround time and eliminates bottlenecks in the process by avoiding in-person visits to the court and traditional mail. With TrueFiling, filers can submit documents and they are automatically sent to the courts for processing and approval. 
  • eBench:  i3 Verticals’ eBench technology, aiSmartBench, revolutionizes the way judges interact from the bench. aiSmartBench is critical to executing split-second, full-text searches of scanned case and evidence documents. The platform is an efficient means for routing eSigned documents and filing information without manual intervention. Judges can also view evidence from the bench, and pull up current and archived case documents.  
  • Document Management: The i3 Document Management System (DMS) offers assistance in uploading, sorting, storing, sharing, and reviewing files in a variety of common formats. With the i3 DMS, courts can easily handle thousands of documents without tying up all staff resources. Courts can create, mark up, sign, and store a high volume of case-related documents in a digital platform. All major file types are accepted including video, audio, images, and text documents. 
  • Public Access Portal: We offer software solutions for end users as well in the form of the Public Access Portal. This web-based platform makes it easier than ever for the public to request records and view court schedules. Fees to acquire records can be paid online, and users receive instant access to a certified downloadable document.  
  • Financial Management: The i3 Financial Management solution was designed to span multiple verticals within the public sector. Our comprehensive solution incorporates a variety of features to help streamline finance-centric processes, and provide as much value as possible. The Financial Management software solution is Government Fund Accounting Board compliant and can be used in organizations of any size.  
  • Revenue Cycle Management: The i3 Verticals Revenue Cycle Management software solutions leverage powerful technology to help navigate defendants to case resolution. Our online-managed services are reliable and trusted across the U.S. Our platform supports automated notifications to defendants, payment processing, automated filings, batch payment, and more.  
  • Payment Processing: The JusticeTech Payment Solution is the new all-in-one browser-based payment solution making it easier for governments to process payments than ever before. Our payment processor supports EMV over-the-counter payments, online payments, and even payments through IVR. Not only does the system support all major credit and debit cards, but e-check payment options are also available.  
  • Online Dispute Resolution: Online Dispute Resolution is changing the way courts handle disputes. By leveraging a digital platform, settlements can be reached without stepping foot in a courtroom. The process is expedited and involves fewer fees than in-person hearings, meaning the public has more affordable access to justice. Resolve Disputes Online is an inclusive system that accepts and stores documents, handles settlement negotiations, and collects payment in the platform. 
  • Digital Evidence Management: i3 Verticals’ Digital Evidence Management platform, Vault, was designed to aid courts in handling non-traditional evidence formats. Parties can upload, organize, share, review, and playback evidence from any device from a single, secure database. Vault supports images, videos, audio files, pdfs, text documents, and records of physical exhibits.  

 i3 Verticals offers an array of solutions for both governmental agencies and the public. The i3 Verticals Public Sector group is a multifaceted vertical market.  Click the following links to review our previous discussions on: Transportation Solutions and Utility Solutions. 


Our software is backed by unmatched security and award-winning support to help our customers feel confident in their decision to go digital. If you are interested in learning more about any of these solutions, or if you would like to discuss which options are best for your organization, please reach out to the i3 team. We look forward to speaking with you.  

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